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Secured by Hacken: the Value of this Label for You

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The scope of security threats existing in modern international business is unprecedented. Malicious actors have become so skilled that they can easily exploit even minor bugs or flaws to get unauthorized access to your data or assets. The development of effective security strategies is the only way for businesses to become more resistant to cyberattacks or at least dramatically mitigate their potential damage to business reputation and performance. But how can you know in what direction you need to move and what security tools are the right options for you? Our answer is security audits. This process is performed by qualified professionals (security audit companies) and will allow you to detect weaknesses and flaws in your systems before malicious actors even try to exploit them. As a result, upon applying for security audit services, you will know what changes you need to introduce to make the life of malicious actors much more complicated. 

IT security audits allow companies to detect both internal and external threats that may result in data breaches or unauthorized access to systems. Thus, cyber security audits allow companies to adhere to security standards developed by regulatory authorities. Security audit helps identify the potential impact of cyberattacks so that companies know what areas of security are a top priority to be improved. Regular cyber security audits are your chance to minimize security risks while ensuring the reasonable allocation of financial and human resources.

Brief Introduction to Hacken Certification

Hacken’s core vision is to create an environment for users where they can safely store assets and personal information while delivering to businesses the value of cybersecurity. The Hacken Certification framework is the instrument to meet this vision.

Hacken Certification is the process of security testing. After passing our security audit, businesses become eligible to integrate the Proofed by Hacken label on their websites. It is a great stimulus for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity while for users this label will act as an indicator that their interactions with the chosen brand are protected against cyber threats, making users feel confident. 

Hacken Certification has 3 forms of cyber security audits including penetration testing, a bug bounty program, and a smart contract audit. When you successfully pass at least one of these three options of cyber security audits, you become Hacken certified. 

Why Hacken? 

Of course, you may ask why do I need to apply for Hacken Certification when there are other IT security audit companies providing similar services. Compared to many other cyber security audit companies, Hacken has a strong market reputation and status since leading companies representing both traditional industries and emerging ones like blockchain and crypto trust us and regularly use our security audit services. Hacken guarantees quality and our well-trained security engineers know exactly how to disappoint malicious actors. Upon detecting any bugs, either minor or critical, during the cyber security audit Hacken experts will not only report on them but will also provide you with instructions on how to eliminate them. Hacken security audit specialists are always a step ahead of hackers and that is why cybercriminals, in most cases, do not even try to attack the companies that are protected by Hacken.

Hacken Certification value for users

We all want to be secured on the Internet especially when carrying out payments or providing our personal information. But how can you get to know whether you interact with a reliable company? Here is our solution – Hacken Certification. 

Upon successfully passing at least one of our security audits, companies can integrate the Proofed by Hacken label on their websites. So, when you see our label on the website you visit, you can be 100% sure that your information and assets are protected by leading cybersecurity professionals. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend many hours discovering whether the company you interact with is a reliable brand that does not neglect the importance of security. Right after noticing the Proofed by Hacken label, you can entrust your information and assets to the chosen vendor without any fear. Hacken does not only serve companies but also makes the life of their clients more convenient. 

The meaning of the Proofed by Hacken label for users:

  • Data Breach Protection

The sites with the Proofed by Hacken label do not contain any malware or viruses that can compromise users’ data or steal money.

  • Software Up-To-Date

The latest versions of security software are in place to protect users’ data and assets against hacks

  • Trusty Resource

When seeing the Proofed by Hacken label users may be 100% sure that they view a verified site, not phishing or hacked one, and, thus, feel free to use all functionality and follow the links it contains.

  • Protected by Ethical Hackers

Leading white hat hackers work on detecting and eliminating any vulnerabilities before they may be exploited by hackers.

  • Proofed Site Certificate is valid only 1 year (you’ll always know if a company stopped caring about your security)

Unfair companies cannot manipulate the status of being certified by Hacken. Our security team keeps a close eye on the use of our security label.

Hacken Certification value for businesses

You have always been focused on cybersecurity and to this end contributed huge financial resources and time. But do you know how to communicate all your efforts to your customer? Hacken Certification is what you need to make your customers and partners feel confident when interacting with you. It is not just a paper or label placed on your website but rather the real confirmation that cybercriminals will not easily compromise your security. Stop losing your potential customers simply because they are not sure whether you are reliable enough. Conversion is one of the main indicators of companies’ performance and when visitors see the Proofed by Hacken label on your website they are more likely to entrust their data and assets to you. Don’t miss this great opportunity to improve your performance by demonstrating that cybersecurity is your top priority! 

The meaning of the Proofed by Hacken label for companies:

  • Protected Assets

Upon noticing our floating label on your website most hackers will not even try to hack your servers or perform any other malicious activities so that not to spend efforts in vain.

  • User Trust

You will be able to increase your conversion rates and, thus, boost revenues. Business reputation has become one of the main corporate assets in the economy and Hacken Certification is your instrument to gain new competitive advantages to ensure sustainable business growth.

  • Data Breach Prevention

Hacken security specialists have enough expertise to detect any vulnerabilities that may be even theoretically exploited by hackers to steal your data

  • Protection of Ethical Hackers

Hacken white hat hackers work 24/7 on detecting and informing you on vulnerabilities within bug bounty programs.

  • Keeps Your Software Up-To-Date (Notification)

Hacken specialists will inform you when new versions of your security software become available

  • Business Partnerships

Proofed by Hacken label will act as the confirmation of your reliability and high status to your potential business partners.

  • All certificates will be valid for 1 year

Upon passing our security testing process you will be eligible for integrating the Proofed by Hacken label into your website for 1 year.

  • EU and US Regulatory Compliance

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) companies are required to pass regular security testing and by seeing the Proofed by Hacken label on your website customers will realize that you do not neglect international security regulations. 

How to get the Proofed by Hacken label?

Hacken Certification is the confirmation for your clients that you are a reliable business partner. You do not need to spend any additional time and resources to get the Proofed by Hacken label, only those required to pass traditional cyber security audits. Here is the mechanism on how to get the Proofed by Hacken label. 

  1. Apply at least for one of the IT security audits you need for your project: Penetration Test, Bug Bounty Program, or Smart Contract Audit
  2. Get the Vulnerability Report from our team
  3. Fix the detected bugs
  4. Inform Hacken team on fixes and then we will verify them  
  5. Get the Proofed Site Certificate by clicking on ‘Request Certificate
  6. Enjoy being certified by Hacken!

Hacken team continues working on bringing more value to our loyal customers. Now you can not only become more resistant to cyberattacks but also attract more clients to your websites and, thus, boost revenues. Security is a top priority for every individual and every company and we are looking forward to introducing new security solutions to make the world a safe and convenient place for both businesses and common people. 

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