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Openware is partnering with Hacken to secure its Yellow Network

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Hacken team would like to share with you details about our new partnership. Openware, Blockchain B2B SaaS provider, has decided to partner with Hacken. Our company will perform the security assessment of Openware’s Yellow Network. The purpose of this partnership is to guarantee the security of assets belonging to the users of Yellow Network. Yellow Network is a worldwide cross-chain overlay network to exchange trading quotes and liquidity between cryptocurrency exchange platforms and institutions. 

This partnership is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the two companies in 2021. The two companies have been working on a number of directions and the management of Openware has been highly satisfied with the quality of security testing services provided by our specialists. 

At the end of this year, Openware has also launched its bug bounty program on the HackenProof platform. Ethical independent researchers can earn up to $5K for finding and reporting on critical severity bugs.

The partnership between Openware and Hacken is likely to have a long-term nature. It’s a great pleasure for our team to see Openware among our partners. 

About Openware

Openware, Inc. is a San Francisco Blockchain product company recently acquired by Yellow, providing innovative product solutions known for building and supporting over 150 crypto exchange platforms with the open-source digital asset exchange platform OpenDAX.

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