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Hacken and Linea Partner for Enhanced Ecosystem Security

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Hacken is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Linea, an advanced Layer 2 ZK-Rollup platform developed by Consensys. We’ve joined forces to make sure projects built on Linea’s platform are launched safely and securely.

Working together, Hacken promises to provide the best blockchain security services and solutions for apps built on Linea:

Priority Queue: Linea ecosystem projects get a priority queue to meet their urgent needs.

Smart Contract Audits: A 20% discount on Smart Contract Audits will make it more affordable for Linea-based projects to verify the security and integrity of their smart contracts.

dApp Audits: Linea-based projects can utilize dApp Audits at a 20% discounted rate, which is crucial for ensuring the security of decentralized applications from end to end.

Penetration Testing: Projects can benefit from up to 30% discounts on Penetration Testing services, which involve rigorous testing of web and mobile apps, APIs, and network security.

Cross-Chain Bridge Audits: A 20% discount on Cross-Chain Bridge Audits will ensure the safety and security of bridges that connect Linea to other blockchains, which is vital for interoperability and the movement of assets.

Bug Bounty Program: Free hosting for Bug Bounty Programs will incentivize the community to find and report security vulnerabilities. More than 30k whitehats are ready to boost Linea ecosystem security. Also, other benefits, including integrations, marketing activities, and manual triage, will be given as a bonus.

These benefits are geared toward creating a safer, more reliable environment for Linea-based projects, ultimately contributing to a more robust and trusted ecosystem for developers and users.

Note: To take advantage of these exclusive discounts and benefits, simply indicate that you are participating through the Linea partnership program by adding a comment in the request form on our website.

About Linea

Linea is a Layer 2 scaling solution developed by Consensys. Linea provides a robust environment for developers to create and deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). Linea’s zkEVM roll-up technology not only offers enhanced scalability and reduced gas costs but also equips developers with native tools such as Linea Safe, Linea Bridge, and the Verax on-chain attestation registry.

About Hacken

Hacken is a premier blockchain security auditor committed to making Web3 a safer space since 2017. Our offerings encompass a comprehensive suite of blockchain security solutions, including Smart Contract Audit, Blockchain Protocol Audit, dApp Audit, Penetration Testing, CCSS Audit, Tokenomics Audit and Design, providing a 360° panoramic security solution for Web3 projects.

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