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Announcing partnership with Solace

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Please welcome our new partner Solace, a decentralized insurance protocol that introduced the first and only systemic solution against the most common hacks and exploits — deposit insurance for DApps, DAOs and protocols.

Solace x Hacken Partnership

Solace is a rising startup in the world of DeFI insurance with solid backing from venture and angel investors. This project has received grants from Polygon, AAVE, and Near. The company is now undergoing the most critical period of converting investors’ and community expectations into an established business. Having Hacken as a trusted partner will help in this crucial undertaking. Hacken has already audited Solace smart contracts to ensure the security of their insurance services. The startup has already been audited by two different auditors, which speaks volumes about their dedication to security. 

For us, this partnership is a crucial opportunity to expand cross-chain expertise, promote insurance in crypto, and make DeFi space safer. Another reason for partnering with Solace is the convergence in values. We have a similar understanding of trust, transparency, and ethics in Web3. For example, unlike most startups out there, our new partner has always displayed public information about its core contributors. We strongly support this behavior because it brings more trust and credibility to new crypto projects. 

About Solace

Solace is an insurance layer for DeFi. Its mission is to maintain stability and public confidence in DeFi by delivering reliable, scalable, and transparent insurance products.

For more information about Solace, please visit:

Solace Website | Solace Twitter | Solace Medium | Solace Discord

For recent Hacken updates and news, please refer to:

Hacken Club Twitter | Hacken Club Discord

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