Solidity Smart Contract Audit

Elevate investor trust and streamline your Solidity smart contracts with our tested auditing strategy, specifically tailored for Solidity-based systems.

Solidity Smart Contract Audit

Eliminate vulnerabilities from your Solidity-based smart contract.

  • Avoid Costly Errors Image

    Steer clear of exploits

    Critical vulnerabilities in Solidity code may prove costly after launch. Audit your smart contract code in the early stages of development to prevent catastrophic errors.

  • Optimize Your Code Image

    Optimize your code

    Auditing combines automatic scans with the line-to-line double review. Receive authoritative guidance on mitigating and preventing weaknesses in your Solidity code.

  • Increase Audience Trust Image

    Win users’ confidence

    Fortify your smart contract written in Solidity. Let users notice your firm focus on security and ethics.

Value of Solidity smart contract audit for your project

  • $3.8B

    stolen from crypto projects in 2022

  • >50%

    Code exploits and flash loan attacks behind >50% of stolen value

  • 500

    Each year, around 500 contracts in Solidity are hacked for $3B in damages

Who needs a Solidity smart contract audit?

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DeFi & DEX

Hackers have exploited a lot of decentralized exchanges that were written with Solidity. Most DEXes have bugs. Outsmart the hackers by getting an audit.

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NFT & Gaming

Web3 is bringing a new innovative gaming experience to the public with NFTs. Secure your project effectively by auditing the smart contract behind your NFT and gaming project.

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Wallets & Bridges

Wallets and bridges are faster routes for hackers to exploit funds. Therefore, get an audit to fix your critical vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

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.. And Every Project With Solidity Smart Contracts

Solidity is a more versatile language that you can use to build other innovative projects. As you build every project with Solidity, smart contract audits are important to protect your project and secure your users.

When is the right time for a Solidity smart contract audit?

  • When preparing for product release

  • warning icon

    Upon noticing any malicious activities

  • After introducing major updates

  • Before important listing

We audit smart contracts on these and other Solidity-based blockchains

  • Ethereum
  • BSC logo icon
  • Polygon logo icon
  • Optimism logo icon
  • Avalanche logo icon
  • FantomIcon logo icon
  • ZkSync logo icon
  • Avalanche logo icon

Benefits of Solidity smart contract audit by Hacken

Time Efficient Process Image

Time-Efficient Process

Audit duration is agreed upon with the customer during the negotiation phase. We start the audit immediately after a client provides us with all required documentation.

Transparent Pricing Image

Transparent Pricing

During the negotiation stage, the cost of the audit is established. Without hidden fees and penalties.

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Hacken started auditing projects in 2017. Since then, we have developed our audit quality control measures and methodology based on industry best practices.

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Community trust

Solidity audit reports are inegrated into, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap.

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Human face

You can meet Hacken members at crypto events and on social media.

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Hacken has a <1% incident rate among the audited projects and 0% of scam ventures.

Become Audited by Hacken within 3-10 Days

How Audit Works Image

You submit the required documentation and get the estimation of the audit scope, timeline, and price.

1-2 days

  • 1

    Get a quote

  • 2

    Audit report

  • 3

    Remediation check

  • 4

    Certification and promotion

The total Smart Contract Audit time takes from 5 to 15 business days.

What will you get after an audit?


After the audit, you will be able to integrate the badge “Audited by Hacken” into your website.

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Hacken audit will be attached to your project’s page on:

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If your project meets Hacken’s partnership requirements, we will offer you an extended service package including marketing activities.

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Reach over 100k crypto holders and security enthusiasts on:

What will you find in our Solidity smart contract audit report?

What Report Includes Image
  • A breakdown of vulnerabilities, categorized by their severity level.

  • Detailed guidance to rectify all identified issues.

  • Evaluation of the smart contract based on four key criteria: the quality of documentation, code, architecture, and its security measures.

Audits examplesView our methodology

Clients say

  • CoinGecko logo

    "CoinGecko is excited about working with Hacken for our bug bounty program. We are well aware of the dangers that vulnerabilities may present to our users and this is one way where we take proactive steps together with Hacken to ensure and improve the safety, security, and integrity of our platform."

    Booby Ong

    Co-founder, CoinGecko
  • Binance logo

    "Hacken’s work to analyze our recent Proof of Reserves update is a great example of the power of community feedback."


  • Near logo

    "We highly recommend Hacken to anyone in need of Web3 security services and a reliable partner for their blockchain initiatives. Their team’s professionalism and expertise in the security space have helped us to secure an ecosystem for our users."

    Isha Tyagi

    Technical Program Manager
  • Aurora logo

    "Hacken has provided mature security audits with a proactive approach, prompt communication and valuable security recommendations. We appreciate our partnership and would recommend collaboration with Hacken to anyone keen to strengthen their code’s resilience."


  • logo

    "Internal stakeholders are impressed with the work Hacken has completed so far. An organized team, they’ve managed the project well, never letting the six-hour time difference get in the way of productivity. Customers can expect an experienced and professional partner."

    Tony Wei

  • Vechain logo

    "Hacken founders inherited quality, professionalism, and integrity from Deloitte, their ex-employer."

    Sunny Lu

    CEO, Vechain
  • Ebsi logo

    "Hacken’s meticulous approach to the audit process ensured that our smart contracts were reviewed comprehensively. Their professionalism and dedication were evident throughout the audit."


  • Wemix logo

    "Hacken has provided highly professional audits with outstanding quality. We are delighted to work with such a well-known and trusted security vendor."

    Jason, Seong Ho Lee

    DeFi Architect at Wemade
  • Iotex logo

    "As our security partner, Hacken’s team of experts is a pleasure to work with. Their persistence in making recommendations and solving problems is impressive."

    Qevan Guo

    Co-founder of IoTeX
  • Status logo

    "Entrusting Hacken with a bug bounty program was the right call for us. They took care of all the routine processes and helped us make our products more secure."


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