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Proof of Reserves is an independent audit conducted by Hacken which aims to ensure that on-chain holding of cryptocurrencies by exchanges matches up with users’ balances.

Proof Of Reserves Audit

Independent on-chain proof of assets’ true collateralization to increase transparency.

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    Build trust in the market

    As a self-regulating measure, Proof of Reserves is appealing to regulators and aligns with their overarching vision for the industry.

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    Improve product adoption

    Boost product adoption by addressing the lack of trust caused by exchanges not holding enough assets to cover customer deposits.

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    Empower your customers

    With a Merkle tree hashing method, you give users the power to verify Proof of Reserves audit transparency on their own.

Benefits of Proof of Reserves by Hacken

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In cooperation with we’ve been developing and improving Proof of Reserve methodology since 2019.

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We provide the highest level of general and internal confidentiality of the exchange database.

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All data is secured and stored safely by an ISO 27001:2013 certified tier-1 Web3 cybersecurity auditor.

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Hacken is trusted by leading cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain organizations and major Web3 projects.

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You'll work with a dedicated team and customer success manager who will help with implementation to improve data security and compliance in your company.

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Successful Proof of Reserves audit with Hacken increases the Trust Score of your exchange on & CoinGecko.

Proof of Reserves audit is essential

  • Proves the adequacy of on-chain funds to cover customer liabilities.

  • Shows good faith by implementing self-regulatory measures during times of market turbulence.

  • Meets the increasing demand for assurance regarding digital asset reserves.

How does PoR audit work?

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Submit the required documentation and get the estimation of the process scope, timeline, and price.

1 - 2 days

  • 1

    Engagement and scope definition

  • 2

    Reconciliation of liabilities

  • 3

    Formation of the Merkle Tree & Verifier (optional)

  • 4

    Prove assets ownership

  • 5

    Verification of assets

  • 6


On average, it takes from 10 to 15 business days to complete the audit.

PoR audit is the key to trust, security, and transparency

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    All crypto exchanges should do merkle-tree proof-of-reserves. Binance will start to do proof-of-reserves soon. Full transparency.

    Booby Ong

    Co-founder, CoinGecko
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    "Hacken’s work to analyze our recent Proof of Reserves update is a great example of the power of community feedback."


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    "Hacken has provided mature security audits with a proactive approach, prompt communication and valuable security recommendations. We appreciate our partnership and would recommend collaboration with Hacken to anyone keen to strengthen their code’s resilience."




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