Join Hacken as an Ambassador, elevate your Web3 career with exclusive benefits and opportunities, and align yourself with a trusted leader in blockchain security.

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With the Hacken Ambassadorship Program, our goal is to acquire more projects that prioritize their security, ensuring robust protection and trustworthiness in their digital operations.

By joining our Program, you’ll become part of a professional community dedicated to advancing cybersecurity solutions globally, all while fostering transparency and engagement that align with Hacken’s core values of client-centricity and unwavering quality.

Key benefits for Ambassadors:

cap growth

Performance bonuses

Earn a bonus for successful referrals.


Event participation

Attend major industry events with expenses covered for top Ambassadors.

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Invitation to private events

Network at exclusive Hacken team gatherings.

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Leverage the Hacken brand:

Gain credibility with a global leader.

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Exclusive training access

Advance your skills with our training programs.

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Path to full-time employment:

Opportunity to transition into a full-time role within Hacken.

Hacken Ambassadors

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    Thomas Helm

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    Bernard Joseph

  • Hear from our Ambassadors

    • A friend of mine introduced me to Hacken. Being a Hacken Ambassador has been a great experience for me because I have the opportunity to work with industry experts and also get rewarded fairly along the way.

      Bernard Joseph

    • Being a Hacken Ambassador is a rewarding experience. The team is exceptional, always available, and supportive. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone looking to be part of a dynamic and innovative community.

      Thomas Helm

    Your partner in blockchain security

    Hacken is a trusted blockchain security auditor on a mission to make Web3 a safer place. With a team of 60+ certified engineers, we provide comprehensive security solutions for blockchain projects.

    Since 2017, we've collaborated with over 1,200 projects, including industry leaders like 1inch, Abu Dhabi Global Market, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, DAO Maker, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, European Commission and MetaMask, together with top CEX'es, such as Binance, OKX, KuCoin,, HTX, among others.

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    Become an Ambassador today and be part of our mission to advance blockchain security.


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