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Expert-led tokenomics audits elevate your Web3 token model, driving stability, value, and investor assurance through comprehensive design analysis.

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Elevate your token design through expert tokenomics auditing.

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    Tokenomics audit provides a thorough review of your project's token model, giving you the confidence that it's designed to perform as intended.

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    Audit report offers reputable proof of the robustness of your token model, providing potential investors with the assurance they need to invest in your project.

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    Our expert team with a proven track record in complex tokenomics modeling ensures that your project's token model is transparent, secure, and trustworthy, giving you the trust and credibility you need in the market.

The aim is to stress test the design and structure of token economies to ensure they are robust and safe.

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Hacken Tokenomics Expert

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Which Web3 projects need tokenomics auditing?

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Ensure feedback loops won’t cause implosion/explosion.

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Confirm a stable in-game economy balancing inflationary/deflationary mechanisms.

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Verify token insurance against financial assumptions.

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Analyse edge-case scenarios of peg and collateralization.

When is the right time to audit tokenomics?

  • Conduct an audit to establish secure and reliable tokenomics before the token launch.

  • Post-launch audits are crucial to assess real-world performance and make necessary adjustments.

  • Regular audits ensure ongoing compliance, maintain investor trust, and swiftly detect potential issues.

What's inside Hacken’s tokenomics audit

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Agent-based modeling

Identifies system components, simulates interactions, and ensures efficient system design and functionality.

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Game theory

Provides insight into human behavior, ensures trust through algorithms, and enhances security and reliability.

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Edge cases

Considers hypothetical scenarios to identify potential system failures, enhancing system reliability and robustness.

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Structural analysis

Breaks down relationships and incentives, identifies problems, and ensures optimal system design and efficiency.

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Empirical analysis

Uses data from other protocols to validate system design, understand real-world behavior, and identify potential issues.

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Numerical price models

Generates price projections to confirm token value appreciation, ensuring a stable and profitable tokenomics model.

How does it work?

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We begin by examining your existing token economy using cutting-edge tools and techniques.

3 - 10 days

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    Tokenomics design

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On average, it takes from 10 to 20 business days to complete the audit.

What you get after the audit?

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  • Detailed breakdown of identified problems.

  • Step-by-step recommendations on how to improve your project's tokenomics.

  • Current tokenomics scoring based on the overall analysis.

  • Tokenomics design from scratch or partial redesigns.

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Good tokenomics is about creating a fair and transparent system that rewards users for their contributions. Industry public figures should be focused on building projects that are not only innovative but also have a solid token economy.

Changpeng Zhao

CEO, Binance


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