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A2DAO is partnering with Hacken to protect new projects

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By Hacken

Hacken team is pleased to introduce our new partner – A2DAO, the project accelerator and investment platform supporting startups.

Thanks to the functioning of accelerator platforms such as A2DAO, innovative ideas and concepts have a chance to be brought to life through increased community awareness about them and access to financing. A2DAO is building a decentralized community powered by DAO governance allowing everyone to contribute to the future success of projects with breakthrough concepts. Thereby, A2DAO is promoting the rapid development of DeFi technologies.

A2DAO ecosystem is uniting more than 10K crypto experts and investors and has promoted the successful launch of 100+ projects since 2017. In total, A2DAO has attracted more than $10M in private sale investments. 

One of the main criteria for a project to be eligible for incubation by A2DAO is the completion of a high-quality audit. Only the projects that meet security standards and can prove their ethical status will be able to get financing within the A2DAO ecosystem. 

Recognizing the leadership status of Hacken in the market for smart contracts audit, A2DAO has decided to enter into partnership with our team. As a result, the projects incubated by A2DAO will be able to increase their level of security by working with Hacken. The more secure a project, the higher its chance to enjoy strong support from the side of investors. 

This partnership will allow Hacken to reach new clients while for A2DAO it is an opportunity to expand its services and improve its status in the industry.

About A2DAO

A2DAO is a project accelerator, incubator and Investment platform for people. A2DAO provides opportunities to invest in early-stage projects that have passed due diligence by the A2DAO team.

For more information about A2DAO you can refer to these channels:

A2DAO Website

A2DAO Twitter

A2DAO Telegram

A2DAO Medium

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