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Why do security audits matter?

Sending the right message to your customers

Hacken Certification is a process of security testing. You need to pass at least one of three testing options offered by Hacken.

Why Hacken?

Unlike many other vendors, Hacken is trusted by the companies representing both the traditional industries and the emerging ones like blockchain.

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For Users

Hacken Certification’s meaning for your website visitors

  • 01

    Data Breaches

    Proofed by Hacken websites do not contain any malware that can compromise your assets.

  • 02

    Up-to-date Software

    Your assets are protected by the latest versions of security updates.

  • 03

    Trusty Resource

    Phishing websites cannot contain the Proofed by Hacken label.

  • 04

    Protected by Ethical Hackers

    Hacken employs highly skilled specialists trusted by leading market players.

  • 05

    Valid for only 1 Year

    Proofed by Hacken label will disappear after that period. Companies should pass security audits regularly.

For Business

Hacken Certification is more than just a label

  • 01

    Protected Assets

    Security testing reveals and eliminates any flaws that may result in the loss of customers' assets.

  • 02

    User Trust

    Customers trust companies that cooperate with leading security vendors.

  • 03

    Data Breach Prevention

    Hacken specialists are a few steps ahead of malicious actors to prevent data thefts.

  • 04

    Keeps Your Software Up-To-Date

    Hacken informs clients on the release of new versions of security updates.

  • 05

    Business Partnerships

    Reputable companies cooperate only with reliable entities.

  • 06

    EU and US Regulatory Compliance

    International security regulations such as GDPR and CCPA oblige companies to pass regular security audits.

How to get the Proofed Site by Hacken label?

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    Apply for security testing

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    Get the Vulnerability Report from our team

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    Fix the detected bugs

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    Inform us on the introduced fixes

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    Get the Proofed Site Certificate by clicking on
    Request Certificate

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