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The new level of development: Hacken has established cooperation with Pragma

By Hacken

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The leading cybersecurity company Hacken has established cooperation with Pragma, the fast-growing tech company.  

We are proud to announce the cooperation with the tech company Pragma that specializes in providing end-to-end blockchain solutions and other services. 

“You probably know that Hacken audits many smart contracts for various projects. Today, we are announcing the collaboration with a strong developer company. Pragma’s clients will not need to worry about code cleanliness and security because our specialists will audit products developed by Pragma at the development stage”, – said Dmitriy Budorin, CEO Hacken Group  

Alex Melnichuk, CEO Pragma, commented: 

“We have strong expertise in developing blockchain products and we understand the importance of cybersecurity in the development process. I believe that by working with the cybersecurity market leader Hacken, the project’s development will rise to a qualitatively new level”. 

About Pragma 

Pragma is a tech company specializing in research and development of blockchain solutions for decentralized finance, governance and supply chain management. The company develops smart contracts and optimizes every function to ensure a successful deployment. 

When Pragma’s high-skilled developers build a multi-asset wallet, they always prioritize clients’ needs. Thus, with Pragma’s hack-proof crypto wallets, anyone can easily and safely check their balances, manage their private keys, send and receive payments, and increase their investments.

As a progressive blockchain community, Pragma strongly realizes the importance of tokenomics, implements various research projects, and issues white papers that outline problems addressed by these projects.

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