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The Crypto Launchpad is partnering with Hacken

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By Hacken

Hacken team is proud to announce that we have become a partner of The Crypto Launchpad. Under this partnership, The Crypto Launchpad will recommend its projects to apply for the security testing services (smart contracts audits) provided by Hacken.

The popularity of blockchain technologies keeps on growing with many new projects entering the market every day. Often, entrepreneurs and talented individuals have breakthrough ideas but do not have enough capacity and market insights to finalize them into a successful project. However, the market infrastructure does not stand in the same place. Now there are special launchpads such as The Crypto Launchpad that assist projects throughout their development from idea into a final product. 

One of the main directions of the company’s business is helping its clients listing their tokens on top exchanges at a lower than the official rate. The list of services provided by The Crypto Launchpad to new projects also includes token audits, press releases, formation of social media communities, listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and other services. Currently, there are more than 125 ongoing projects on The Crypto Launchpad. The company succeeds in delivering high-quality assistance to new projects through its partnership network encompassing 50+ partner exchanges and 32 media partners. 

The main security service demanded by new projects is smart contract audit. The Launchpad’s management recognizes the leadership status of Hacken in the market for blockchain security and strives to make its clients more resistant to any security threats.

The partnership with The Crypto Launchpad will allow Hacken to demonstrate the efficiency of our new smart contracts audit methodology by securing the innovative projects cooperating with this launchpad.

Looking forward to sharing with you information about our new clients representing The Crypto Launchpad ecosystem. 

About The Crypto Launchpad

The Crypto Launchpad is a one-stop solution for all new crypto projects. It assists its clients from developing a token to its listing and marketing. CL is a leading agency for helping its clients listing their coins/tokens in the world’s top exchanges at a rate lower than official. Our dedicated blockchain experts thoroughly analyze, brainstorm, ideate, and execute groundbreaking concepts for your crypto-related businesses.

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