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InnMind is partnering with Hacken

By Hacken

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Hacken team is pleased to introduce our new partner – InnMind – a deal flow platform for innovative startups such as the ones representing the blockchain world. The key mission of InnMind is to connect entrepreneurs with investors and VC funds. The InnMind network unites more than 50K tech entrepreneurs and 1.3K venture capital firms, angels, and corporate investors. That is why InnMind is one of the biggest tech ecosystems not only in Europe but in the world, in general. InnMind also provides professional assistance to entrepreneurs to let them successfully prepare themselves for working with top investors. 

The need for capital is one of the main issues faced by most innovative startups. However, there is also the other issue, the importance of which for new projects cannot be neglected – security. InnMind is the team of professionals who realize that investors prefer allocating assets to projects that put security in the first place rather than to initiatives that can be easily compromised by hackers. That is why InnMind has decided to enter into a partnership with Hacken, the reputable cybersecurity vendor specializing in securing blockchain projects. 

This partnership will allow InnMind’s clients to apply for security testing services provided by Hacken and, thereby, eliminate vulnerabilities and bugs in their products. As a result, the attractiveness of these projects for investors will increase significantly.

For Hacken, this partnership is a great opportunity to reach hundreds (or even thousands) of tech entrepreneurs and their projects. Generally, a partnership with InnMind will serve as a bridge between the world of tech startups and the Hacken ecosystem. 

Looking forward to working with the projects representing the InnMind platform. 

About InnMind

InnMind is the leading deal origination platform in Europe and a digital hub uniting more than 50 thousand international tech startups, Venture Capital funds, Corporate Partners, and other players in the startup ecosystem. InnMind is focused on both traditional and tokenised startups. InnMind’s mission is to help tech entrepreneurs to get access to investors, experts, and corporate players via the deal-origination online platform, through a wide knowledge base, crucial tools, mostly pitching sessions and match-making.

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