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Hacken September 2021 in Review

By Hacken

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We are ready to share the infographics demonstrating the progress made by Hacken in September 2021. During this month, we entered into cooperation with close to 30 innovative projects. We expanded our presence in the NFT world and now we can say for sure that Hacken is the leading security auditor of NFT projects. 

One of the most important strategic steps for Hacken in September was the official partnership between Hacken Foundation and Weld. This partnership will promote the mass adoption of HAI token since the key mission of Weld is to bring crypto to the masses by facilitating payments in virtual assets. As a part of the partnership relationships, we organized HAI round for this project. Also, we conducted a very successful HAI round for ArtWallet (17.57X oversubscription), one of the most promising NFT projects launched in the second half of 2021.

Also, Hacken became the full-scope auditor of the project Re:water, the initiative that will unite all cryptocurrencies and their communities in a fair and transparent economic cycle. Thus, Hacken will be responsible for ensuring the security of one of the biggest initiatives in the history of crypto.

We also introduced a new product – Hacken Certification. Now companies that have successfully passed at least 1 form of security testing performed by Hacken can integrate the Proofed Site by Hacken certificate into their websites to show to users and partners their focus on security. 

And we are proud to mention that virtual assets are now legalized in Ukraine, the country that is among the global leaders in terms of crypto adoption. And a great contribution to this fundamental decision of the Ukrainian parliament was made by Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin.

View the infographics below to see our achievements in September

As you can see, we keep on demonstrating strong progress in the market. Looking forward to sharing with you our future achievements. Hacken Scout has been recently launched and new important updates are coming. Monitor our announcements.

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