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Hacken October 2021 in Review

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Hacken team is ready to share with you the results of our work performed in October 2021. 

This month was full of highly expected events in the life of Hacken and our community. Namely, 2 events of strategic importance took place during this month. We launched Hacken Scout, the initiative aimed at conducting a comprehensive audit of the crypto world by uniting the efforts of the members of a large army of Hacken scouts. And this army demonstrated impressive results within a few weeks after the launch of this project. We received all 1319 reports from scouts, it’s a massive scope of work to validate all of them. That is why Hacken Scout is interested in finding new validators. 

And the second strategic event was, of course, the IDO of ArtWallet. We know that many of you were expecting this event. And we are so proud that the ArtWallet IDO has become a historical event for Hacken. The project has demonstrated fantastic 100X, the whole NFT world was speaking about ArtWallet during the last days of October. Now the project has great opportunities to become a solid leader in the NFT world.

October was full of important industry meetups and conferences. The United Arab Emirates became the global blockchain and NFT centre this month. Hacken representatives actively participated in 4 major events during which they communicated with leading industry professionals and investors and shared important updates regarding Hacken and our progress with the whole crypto world. It was a perfect promotion of the Hacken ecosystem, participation in these events will have a long-term positive impact on our competitiveness in the industry

October brought Hacken 23 new cooperations and 5 new partners. It’s important to note that our new partners are big ecosystems uniting innovative startups, solid investors, and famous industry bodies. Thereby, through these partnerships, Hacken will be able to provide its security services to dozens of new clients. 

And of course, we could not miss the celebration of Halloween. Especially to this day, we organized the Horror Story Contest for our community. Honestly speaking, many of you have shared really horrible stories, just for 18+ readers. 

View the infographics below to find all our progress in October 2021:

A number of fundamental events are planned for the last 2 months of 2021. Our community will soon enjoy using the updated HackenAI application with improved functionality and additional protection. In November 2021, Lisbon will become the global crypto capital and our team is already in this city, we have a very intensive schedule. Looking forward to sharing with you the results of these events for Hacken. 

The end of the year is rapidly coming but the Hacken team is not tired, we are at full strength to fully deliver and even over-deliver on the promises given to our community for 2021. 

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