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Hacken November 2021 in Review

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The last month of Autumn 2021 was full of important events and updates in the life of Hacken. Most of these changes were highly awaited by our amazing community. As we promised in October 2021, users can now enjoy managing their virtual assets in the updated HackenAI application. Greater functionality, improved security, and a more convenient interface – we have considered the suggestions and recommendations shared by our community members.

At the end of November, our team released hPass, the application to securely store sensitive information required to perform crypto activities. You can use hPass to store seed phrases, private keys, credit card credentials, passwords, secret notes, etc. The most advanced security features are in place to ensure the ultimate protection of your sensitive data. We are also going to release the web extension of hPass in Q1 2022. 

We have introduced 2 important changes to the Hacken Foundation website. Now you can view all key information about Hacken Foundation projects on a separate page. Thanks to the integration of Simplex technology, you can buy HAI on the Hacken Foundation website via your credit/debit card in a few clicks. HAI is now a more accessible investment instrument for our community. 

We can proudly name November 2021 the month of partnerships. Hacken established partnerships with 7 big ecosystem projects having large bases of customers, partners, and investors. These partnerships will have a positive impact on our reputation and recognition in the market and will allow us to reach many new clients. 

November 2021 was also a prominent month in the life of the global crypto community, in general. Lisbon hosted one of the biggest DeFi events this year – Solana Breakpoint 2021. It’s a great pleasure for us to note that our CEO Dyma Budorin was an invited panellist. 

Hacken team was also on the wave of top DeFi discussions in Lisbon. We organized our regular #Blockchainhackers VII meetup for security enthusiasts in the capital of Portugal. We invited top speakers from the DeFi sector who shared valuable insights with visitors. During this meetup, Hacken Lead smart contracts auditor Evgeniy Bezuglyi presented the new methodology of audits that would be applied by Hacken. This methodology prioritizes the active involvement of a client in the audit process. The better a client knows his project, the more secure it is. This meetup was very successful for Hacken and, honestly, it will be a great challenge for us to organize even a more interactive and exciting gathering in the coming future. We always set high targets and know how to reach them.

One of the most discussed industry topics is NFTs. Their popularity is growing rapidly, but are they secure enough? NFT enthusiasts had a chance to find valuable insights into NFT security by listening to the presentation by Dyma Budorin on the topic “Keeping your NFTs secure” during GeckoCon. Dyma shed some light on one of the most discussed issues in the world of NFTs, the audience was amazed. 

The detailed infographics describing all our progress in November 2021 is provided below.

As you can see, the Hacken team performed a great scope of work in November. We created a solid foundation for the successful end of this year. But we don’t have even a minute to relax. The industry is changing rapidly, new opportunities are coming. So, we have to move much faster to be a few steps ahead of other market players. 

December 2021 will not resemble the winter season, it’ll be a very hot month for Hacken. Looking forward to sharing with you our updates next month. 

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