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Scaleswap audited by Hacken

By Hacken

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Hacken would like to share a great update regarding our cooperation with Scaleswap. We are so proud that this team was satisfied with the quality of services provided by Hacken experts during the initial stages of our cooperation so that Scaleswap’s specialists contacted us to conduct the second smart contract code review and security analysis. During this security audit, the client’s smart contract was manually reviewed and analyzed using static analysis tools. Our specialists detected 3 issues including 1 low and 2 informational ones. The identified issues could not have a significant impact on the code execution process or cause any serious damage to the project’s customers. That is why, based on the results of the audit, the client’s smart contract may be referred to as secured. 

Hacken team strongly values Scaleswap’s focus on ensuring the ultimate security of its customers at a time when many promising projects fall victim to external attacks or lose clients’ trust due to technical issues. Although during the first smart contract review performed by our experts no issues were identified, Scaleswap has not neglected the importance of conducting further security testing since technical issues and security flaws are likely to arise at any point in time. Only the companies that treat security testing as a permanent process may be viewed by other market players as trusted partners and reliable vendors. 

We are looking forward to further strengthening our fruitful cooperation with Scaleswap. 

Security of our clients is our security. Hacken specialists keep on improving their skills to deliver even greater outcomes to our clients. Thank you for trusting us! 

About Scaleswap

Scaleswap is the next generation IDO launchpad, harnessing the power of layer 2 scaling to provide innovative features and a vastly improved DeFi experience. Scaleswap aims to set the new standards in DeFi by making excessive gas fees a thing of the past, and reimagining community appreciation and governance through a comprehensive scoring system that rewards loyalty and participation in 6 different dimensions.







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