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RedFOX Labs Partners with Hacken to Address Cybersecurity Risks

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The blockchain industry in the Asian region is undergoing massive development. The number of companies operating in this segment is skyrocketing, however, this trend also creates huge opportunities for malicious actors. Organized hacker groups are targeting governmental agencies, SMEs, and corporations in Southeast Asia and as the results of these malicious activities, the data and funds of millions of users are compromised. Southeast Asia is a hot spot for cyberattacks and that is why the region requires a heightened focus on cybersecurity. Companies operating in the virtual environment should prioritize cooperation with cybersecurity vendors to become more resistant to the growing security risks.

RedFOX Labs, the first blockchain venture builder in Southeast Asia, promoting the mass adoption of blockchain and other emerging technologies has entered into cooperation with Hacken, one of the leading cybersecurity consulting companies. Hacken cybersecurity specialists have performed the smart contract audit for RedFOX Labs. Taking into account the size of RedFOX Labs’ ecosystem, safety and security are a top priority for the entity due to the huge scope of damage that may be caused by the potential exploitation of vulnerabilities by malicious actors.  That is why RedFOX Labs has focused on strengthening its resistance to cyber risks through cooperation with Hacken. 

About RedFOX Labs

Emerging-tech Internet company identifying and developing successful business models for Southeast Asian markets since 2018. The company disrupts legacy business models through the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR, and IoT cutting edge technologies and using exemplary User Experience. The key focus the company places on realizing the potential of the digital economy in such fields as e-Commerce, e-Media (streaming), esports & gaming, e-Travel, and ride-hailing/logistics. RedFOXLabs is becoming the go-to super dApp in Southeast Asia. The RedFOXLabs ecosystem includes NFT Platform, RFOX VALT (Virtual Space), RFOX Media, Ecommerce Streaming Cashback App, RFOX (BSC), VFOX, DEFI, and RFOX Games. The company’s philosophy is to bring available technologies to people. You may find more info about the company at:

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