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Genesis Pool (GPool) secures its community by partnering with Hacken

By Hacken

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In December 2021, Hacken announced that we started the audit process of the Genesis Pool (GPool) staking platform. Now it’s a great pleasure for us that GPool has decided to enter into a partnership with Hacken. 

The company’s management has been satisfied with the outcomes of the security audit. Our specialists have demonstrated a high level of professionalism and a client-centred approach to the process. The interaction between the two teams has been effective and our specialists have always kept the GPool team updated on the progress.

GPool is a decentralized cross-chain launchpad that enables projects to raise capital in a permissionless and interoperable environment from its community of investors. GPool is working with projects from their early stages allowing them to raise capital in a secure way and be prepared for IDO. There are 3 tiers of investors (also called GPass holders) in the GPool ecosystem including Gold, Silver, and Bronze investors. The higher the tier, the higher the chances for an investor to be whitelisted.  All whitelisted investors have been given a sizable guaranteed allocation of tokens.

For 1st round allocations, there is a limit of $1K. Thereby the raise may be fairly split between a large number of investors. The GPool ecosystem is built in a way that prevents whale and possible price dumps. 

When fully transitioned to a DAO, all Genesis Pool members will have equal voting rights. GPool is devoted to the principle that all investors are eligible to buy sizable allocations of pre-sale tokens. Therefore, 67% of its tokens were made available for purchase by retail investors during the token launch in August 2021.

Unlike many other DeFi launchpads, GPool incubates projects throughout all crucial stages of their development – from marketing to roadmap structure, tokenomics and connections for potential partnerships. Before IDO, projects actively work on strengthening their security to demonstrate to potential investors and communities that their assets and data will be safe. 

Thus, through the partnership with GPool, Hacken has an opportunity to reach new clients among promising projects incubated by this staking platform. For GPool, being audited by Hacken will serve as a strong confirmation of their reliability for investors. 

The two projects are focused on long-term mutually beneficial collaboration under this partnership. 

About Genesis Pool

A unique Staking Platform that guarantees investors rewards in all tokens that made their IDO with Genesis Pool. Stake your $GPOOL now and start earning tokens from every single one of the projects!

The key features of GPool are:

  • Early engagement with projects
  • Genesis Pass & staking platform
  • Seamless user experience
  • No pump & dump
  • Decentralized governance model
  • Unique tiering system

GPool aims to become the most successful community-driven launchpad in the crypto DeFi marketplace.

For more information about GPool and latest updates, please refer to these channels:

GPool Website

GPool Twitter

GPool Telegram

GPool Medium

For more information about Hacken and recent news/updates, please refer to these channels:

Hacken Club Twitter

Hacken Club Telegram Chat 

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Hacken Foundation Website 

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