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LocalTrade is partnering with Hacken to secure its projects

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Hacken team is pleased to introduce our new partner – LocalTrade. The company is developing an ecosystem of projects bridging the gap between traditional finances and crypto. LocalTrade business activities are focused on 2 main directions: CEX trading platform and DeFi Lab, the DeFi investment launchpad. Through its launchpad, LocalTrade is going to drive investments in decentralized finances. The launch of Launchpad is planned for Q2 2022. The key mission of LocalTrade is to allow everyone to access prominent DeFi instruments using fiat money. 

In 2022, the DeFi industry is expected to face an increasing scope of security risks. And only by working closely with reputable security vendors, DeFi projects can maintain their competitiveness and strong reputation in the market. That is why LocalTrade has decided to enter into a partnership with Hacken. 

Under this partnership, Hacken will act as a security auditor for the LocalTrade’s projects before their official listing. One of the main determinants of investors’ decision to invest their money in a particular project is its security. Partnership with Hacken will act as a strong sign for potential LocalTrade’s investors of the project’s focus on ensuring the security of their assets and data. 

“We’re happy to bring together Hacken’s deep expertise in cybersecurity consulting and LocalTrade’s advanced blockchain technology in order to focus on our main goals: delivering safer and more convenient products for the users and thus advancing the adoption of crypto worldwide.” — comment by Aaron Levi Yahalom, LocalTrade CEO.

“Together with LocalTrade, we will be able to establish a safe and convenient crypto space for users through a set of unique cybersecurity-focused practices for DeFi to identify and eliminate any potential security threats from the side of malicious actors.” — comment by Dyma Budorin, Hacken CEO.

Looking forward to promoting the successful listing of the LocalTrade’s projects. 

About LocalTrade

LocalTrade is a one-stop cryptocurrency exchange and financial products ecosystem that bridges the gap between traditional finance and the crypto industry by providing the most profitable, efficient, and safe financial instruments to all crypto market players and retail investors. LocalTrade ecosystem consists of a full-fledged CEX trading platform and DeFi investment platform — the DeFi Lab, which is a further development of LocalTrade CEX. 

We combine many DEX and CEX products in one ecosystem: LocalTrade Exchange, CEX Mobile App, LocalTrade University, LocalTrade Pay, VISA Card, Neobanking App, LocalTrade DEX, DeFi Lab, DeFi Wallet App, and Launchpad.

DeFi Market Place & Launchpad is a further development of LocalTrade CEX that will provide seamless access to the new DeFi economic instruments for both crypto enthusiasts and a much wider audience with no crypto or investing experience.

Literally, anyone with a fiat bank card can access the most prominent DeFi instruments with as little as a $10 check.

For more information about LocalTrade please refer to:

LocalTrade Twitter

LocalTrade Telegram

LocalTrade Exchange Website

LocalTrade DeFi Lab Website

LocalTrade Medium

LocalTrade YouTube

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