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Nimbus: Smart Contract Audit by Hacken

By Hacken

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Hacken team keeps on opening new horizons. Today it’s a great honour for us to announce that one of the leading DAO governed platforms, Nimbus, has become a member of our list of cooperations. The platform has decided to choose Hacken as a smart contract auditor with regard to the excellent market reputation and professionalism of our researchers. 

The team behind Nimbus realizes the value security brings to innovative projects. Investors are interested in earning huge revenues but they are afraid of losing hard-earned money due to the hacking activities performed by malicious actors. That is why this team has prioritized applying for a smart contract audit. 

We admit that the number of startups and other technological projects passing security testing like smart contract audits and bug bounty programs is rapidly increasing. That means that the industry is becoming mature and entities strive to ensure their long-term sustainable development in the market. To this end, they start considering expenditures associated with security audits as the investments bringing the highest ROI rates. From our side, the Hacken team always looks for ways to further increase the quality of security testing services provided to clients. 

Every day Hacken becomes stronger together with you, our customers!

About Nimbus

Nimbus is a DAO governed platform that provides users with 16 earning strategies based on lending and borrowing, classic IPO participation, start-up financing, staking, and more. 

Nimbus’s mission is to merge the best of DeFi with time-honoured tools attributable to traditional finance – all in one spot. To grant users’ access to all functionality under low gas fees, Nimbus is deployed on two networks: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

To earn with Nimbus, users simply need to: 

  • pick one of the Nimbus revenue-generating opportunities. For example – liquidity providing and LP token staking at 100% APY, or participation in classic IPOs with crypto via Nimbus IPO Hub, and so on;
  • pick the token for participation – be it ETH, BNB, or any other major crypto as well as Nimbus native tokens: NBU and GNBU;
  • provide the chosen tokens as liquidity and start getting rewards based on the indicated APY.

Those who don’t want to actively manage their assets can opt for simply holding GNBU – Nimbus governance token. GNBU holders receive cuts from multiple revenue-generating pools of the platform at once by simply owning the token. This way, holders can diversify their rewards and mitigate risks while avoiding extra hassle.

For more info about Nimbus visit their:





Or go directly to the Nimbus Platform: 

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