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Global Initiative for Higher Transparency on Crypto Exchange Market

By Hacken

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The Issue of Fake Trade Volume

Trading volume is an important factor when choosing an exchange. However, when it’s falsified, the illusion of market demand is created to attract more users. We’ve already explained why fake trading volume slows the development of crypto, but repetition is the mother of learning:

  • fake volumes make traders overvalue some currencies, as the higher the volume, the lower the volatility;
  • fake volumes delude users that they will trade faster, paying for less slippage;
  • fake volumes can potentially be a preamble to future hacks, as black hats target the largest players.

As a result, faking trade volume considerably undermines an exchange’s reputation. As noted above, trade volume constitutes an important factor in ranking exchanges, but it should not be the only one.

How Blockchain Balance RTD is Validated

We not only gather hot and cold wallet addresses but also check whether they are credible or not. The 4 shares wallet evaluation system ensures the highest efficiency results; it comprises 4 core components of the process — an exchange, CER strategic partners, CER community, and CER team.
1. The exchange. The exchange can either provide information itself or validate that the found addresses are credible. Benefits include

  • Retaining community trust by proving to be a fair player in the crypto market.
  • Confirmation of not falsifying the trading volume.
  • Attracting new users and clients.
  • Increasing revenue.

2. CER partners. Crypto Exchange Ranks allies help in finding exchanges’ wallets and/or validate their credibility. Benefits include

  • Opportunities to take part in cross-sales of products and attracting new sources of financing.
  • Increasing brand awareness by joining CER global initiative.
  • Receiving access to exclusive data for analysis and improving research algorithms.
  • Recognizing each contribution made by a partner on the CER platform, blog, mail delivery, and landing pages.

3. CER community. Transparency hackers submit BTC/ETH addresses. Benefits include

  • Receiving a financial reward for finding public addresses.
  • Exclusive insights and benefits for being a member of the closed CER community.
  • Recognizing each contribution made by a hacker on the CER blog, mail delivery, and social media channels.
  • Becoming CER representative in your region.

4. CER team. The team of analysts validates and approves the address. We are the last and chief share to verify information and later publish it to CER dashboard.

How to Start Participating in a Transparency Hacking Initiative?

The process of cooperating is simple and easy.

  • If you’re an exchange and want to be represented on CER, you should register here and verify your corporate account. Submitting hot and cold wallet addresses is necessary. Keep in mind that the addresses won’t be disclosed to third parties who didn’t sign an agreement with Crypto Exchange Ranks.
  • If you’re a potential partner and want to join the crypto transparency movement, you should contact our team on [email protected]
  • If you’re a crypto enthusiast and want to be initiated as a member of transparency hackers, you should register here and start submitting your findings for rewards!

Desired Outcome for The Crypto Community  

In the near future, we and our community expect to see sustainable crypto exchanges, including opportunities to calculate the ratio between trade volume and assets of the exchange to prevent cases of money laundering.
Moreover, when our initiative functions to its full extent and on a stable basis, we anticipate cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges in direct competition with traditional banks and financial institutions offering a transparent, secure, and fast way of performing financial operations! 

Summing Up

CER grows rapidly. To date, 18 of the most renowned and well-performing crypto exchanges are evaluated on the platform. Around 200 other crypto exchanges are listed on CER and you can order their evaluation. 4 dashboards help to make weighted and secure trading decisions. The arbitrage widget allows for riskless profit due to price imbalances in markets. The Trading Dashboard represents current and historical prices and allows for the utilization of technical analysis indicators and tools. The Liquidity Dashboard displays real-time market data. Now there is a the Blockchain Balance Dashboard. We have already received 11 hot addresses and 9 cold wallets to provide you with information on exchanges balances, inflows, and outflows, amounts and number of transactions.

Register on CER, Use the Dashboards, and Make your Impact!
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