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Following our recent partnership with, both Hacken and have been looking for ways to further our relationship and enhance the cybersecurity of’s products and services. 

Today, we are proud to announce the next phase; is to further increase its cooperation with Hacken with the launch of the Bug Bounty, held on our HackenProof platform, going live on the 14 of July 2020. 

HackenProof is a well-established bug bounty and vulnerability coordination platform built by Hacken, consisting of a 3000-person strong ethical hacker community. Leading companies across a variety of industries have opted to use Hacken’s services, including AirAsia, Vechain, OneLedger, and more.

Part of Hacken’s renowned cybersecurity offerings, HackenProof’s objective is to secure businesses and assets through custom bug bounty programs. HackenProof pairs clients with trusted and vetted cybersecurity experts to identify potentially critical flaws in digital infrastructure, before it can be exploited. – Taking security seriously is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that serves the global blockchain industry with secure and reliable products for both consumers and companies. With over 7 years of industry experience, has established itself as a solid and reliable exchange, ranking in the global top-ten exchanges based on CoinGecko’s Trust Score.

Since applying for the CERtified certification via our platform, has successfully passed numerous penetration tests carried out by Hacken engineers alongside unique, industry-standard methodologies able to probe the security limits of crypto exchanges. 

The focus of the security assessment is to thoroughly examine’s web infrastructure and underlying applications and systems. The Hacken security team conducted a security assessment of’s web application – their crypto exchange,  as well as their mobile applications. The purpose of the engagement was to utilize active exploitation techniques and evaluate the security of their web application against best practice criteria, validating its security mechanisms. 

According to our security assessment,’s infrastructure was identified as Highly Secure. bug bounty program launch

The next stage in the certification process is to carry out a public bug bounty event utilizing the HackenProof platform. We are excited to open the doors for our vast ethical hacker community starting from 14 July 2020. 

We look forward to closely collaborating with in the months and years ahead. With our close relationship, Hacken will be able to further demonstrate its expertise and leadership in the cybersecurity industry and most importantly, empower our partners, clients, and users. The experience gained from this partnership, as with others, will be used to improve our B2B and B2C services both now and in the future. is a new 3 stars CERtified cryptocurrency exchange

By launching the bug bounty on the third party platform, fulfills the requirement to receive a third CERtified star and status of top cryptocurrency exchanges according to worldwide security practices. 

Launch of public bug bounty and cybersecurity improvements affected Cybersecurity Score. It has been improved by 1.08 points. Now takes 3rd position on CSS score as of 10 July 2020.

About is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges from China operating since 2013. 

After being rebranded to in 2017, it became one of the fastest-growing exchanges with numerous cryptocurrencies, margin trading with leverage, IEO platform, and other advanced financial services like margin lending or borrowing.

About Hacken Cybersecurity

As one of the top enterprise-level cybersecurity consulting companies in blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, Hacken Cybersecurity works with enterprises and businesses to provide consulting services on cybersecurity and digital protection. The project has delivered cybersecurity solutions to more than 250 clients. Hacken’s CER program is the authoritative certification program for cryptocurrency exchanges, with leading exchanges such as Binance and deploying the service. 

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