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Cooperation With Etherscan

By Hacken

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Collaboration Background

Regular observers of crypto news will have noticed that the conditions of the crypto exchange market are continually becoming more and more volatile. Incomprehensible hacks (such as the Cryptopia Exchange), constant cases of exit scams, unexpected closures of seemingly successful projects, suspicious deaths and abnormal crypto assets storage systems (like that of the QuadrigaCX Case) have persisted and multiplied over the past year. The crypto world is full of unpleasant surprises, and unpredictabilities. In our attempts to encourage efficient growth in the crypto industry and to make it more mature, fair and transparent, (CERtification Services, Transparency Hackers Initiative, Exchange Analysis Service), we are delighted to present another crucial and promising cooperation for the CER Project.

This time, we are excited to announce our collaboration with the leading Block Explorer for the Ethereum Blockchain, Etherscan. This collaborative relationship will allow CER to receive assistance in exchanges wallet verification and to recruit additional supporters for our global mission.

Solutions Offered By CER

We believe that the current situation in the crypto market is primarily taking place because of the financial manipulations conducted by exchanges. Through a lack of transparency, reliable information and inaccurate exchange ratings, exchanges motivated by greed and ignorance pursue fraudulent business models and participate in trade manipulations. This reality makes the future development of the crypto industry impossible. It is not a secret that the crypto industry is going through a period of turbulence which is why the community must start changing industry practices for the better as soon as possible.

It cannot be emphasized enough that it is essential to stop evaluating the exchanges according to their reported trading volumes (as those numbers are easily fabricated) and start assessing them according to their actual balances. This state of affairs would resolve a plethora of issues existing in the crypto market today.

Importance of Cooperation between CER and Etherscan

As you may know, one of the primary long-term goals of the CER Project is the formulation of accurate and precise exchanges ratings according to the authentic balances of exchange wallets.
We understand that the achievement of our aims will be accompanied only through a complicated struggle. That is why we strongly require supporters who will share our vision and will work on the development of the crypto industry together with us! We have already found one of those in Crystal, and today we would like to announce another paramount cooperation for the CER Project with Etherscan.

About the Etherscan Platform

Etherscan is a leading Block Explorer representing a decentralized smart contracts platform, Search, API and Analytics Platform for Ethereum Blockchain.

Etherscan is an independently operated platform, developed by a team of passionate individuals excited about the kinds of decentralized information and infrastructure applications that Ethereum makes possible.

The Etherscan platform was created to help users discover, confirm and approve the transactions which have been conducted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Check Etherscan website to find out more details!

Details of the Cooperation between CER and Etherscan

The Etherscan platform will assist in CER’s efforts to validate exchanges wallets balances, as well as their ownership.

Etherscan will collaborate with CER in Ethereum exchanges’ wallets verification and affiliation. We are sure that this will significantly improve our ratings and accelerate the process of final wallet validation and total balances determination.

What’s next?

CER’s collaboration with Etherscan will further accelerate the development process of CER’s comprehensive wallet database to deliver a new level of transparency and security to the digital assets market.

While we assure you that the CER Team has already done a tremendous amount of work, there is still a long way to go before we сonquer all the difficulties of the crypto economy with such distinguished supporters as Etherscan.

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