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Blockchainhackers V: post-meetup reflection

By Hacken

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#blockchainhackers V is fast approaching, just a few days left. But now we would like to summarize the recent event and share the most interesting insights.

We can proudly conclude that the first step towards establishing a strong tech community in Dubai was even greater than we could expect. The topics discussed during #blockchainhackers V drew the attention of business leaders, industry experts, and investors. We invited amazing speakers:

Joel Dietz (Swarm)

“Smart contracts are the future of all great things to be created”

Jérôme Sinpaseuth (SingularityDAO)

“Most of the pieces of art you actually own are not on blockchain, are not on your wallet”

Pavlo Radchuk (Hacken)

“You should have architecture documentation before starting developing a code”

Alex Gluchowski (Matter Labs)

“Big chains will be getting bigger and smart chains losing relevance”

Our speakers were open to questions put by our guests and as we could see there were no individuals who felt disappointed after attending the meetup. For a better understanding of the format of the event and organizers’ intentions please view this short video.

As you can see, we did not follow any formalities: some of our speakers and guests had quite a funny dress code and presentation style. Our events are focused on bringing value both to guests and speakers rather than causing additional inconveniences for them. 

During the recent meetup, we were trying to realize how we could help the industry enthusiasts and what challenges they faced. Now we can surely say that we are on the same page and by combining our knowledge and expertise during such occasions we can reach new heights.

We understand that many of you wish you had attended this event. But don’t worry, we have prepared a lot of interesting content for the upcoming meetup. You still have a chance to join us and become a blockchain guru.

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