Hacken Equity Tokenization Countdown

Secure Investment, Industry Impact, Limited Slots!

Benefit from reliability, shape the sector's future, and enjoy classical exit options. The window to exchange $HAI to Hacken equity will be open in:

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Smart Contract Audit

We make Web3 a safer place ... TOGETHER

Join Hacken's Growth Journey!

Embarking on a revolutionary path, Hacken is poised to transform into a crypto public company. We proudly lead the industry with our innovative Equity Tokenization. As we empower $HAI holders, this landmark initiative offers a unique opportunity for a status shift to equity holders through the Community Private Offering. Stay closely connected to the team, with exclusive access to board meetings and Hacken Gathering Events, while also gaining the potential of classical exit avenues like future Public Offerings or Equity Buybacks at the next investment Hacken rounds - ensuring a spectrum of options for your investment journey.

  • 6+

    Years of expertise

  • 1,000+


  • 180+


  • 1,500+

    Audited projects

  • 60+

    Security Engineers

  • 100+

    Team members

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Why Hacken?

  • Expert Team: Guided by robust management and over 60 skilled engineers, ensuring expertise.

  • Proven Record: Since 2017, Hacken's profitability has demonstrated resilience, weathering bear markets

  • Tier 1 Client and Partners Base: Serving government and corporate clients, establishing a strong foundation.

  • Year over year Expansion: Hacken secures continuous market share growth and drives innovation by releasing new services and constantly extending product portfolio

  • Ethical Hackers and DYOR Community: Boasting a community of over 40,000 ethical hackers and DYOR enthusiasts.

  • Flexible Investment Opportunities: Offering versatile investment options for a range of investors.

Elevate with $HAI: Your Hacken Equity Benefits

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Retail Investors Friendly

Affordable entry to benefit from the success of an industry leader.

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Predictable Asset Growth

Hacken, the fastest-growing company in Web3 security. Benefit from our UK PLC holding.

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Classical Exit Strategies

Ensure flexibility with proven and traditional exit options including an IPO as a Company goal for 2027.

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Industry Influence

Shape the sector by engaging in this groundbreaking initiative.

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Board Meetings & Strategic Sessions

Exclusive access to board meetings, strategic sessions and internal events.

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Secondary Market Arrival

Anticipate entry into the RWA secondary market soon.

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Exclusive $HAI Entry

Seize the opportunity to become a shareholder at a significant discount by entering through $HAI.

Exit Strategies: Navigating Your Investment Journey

Explore various avenues for your investment:

Unlocking Hacken Equity Details

$HAI Market Data

  • $0.08477

    HAI Price

  • $961,812

    Volume (24h)

  • $54,585,986

    Market Cap

Tokenization Explainer

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How it works?

  • 1
    Hold or Purchase $HAI
    Hold or buy at least 1M $HAI, or any amount divisible by 1M.
  • 2
    Secure Your Slot
    Fill the form to reserve your exclusive slot.
  • 3
    Stay Informed
    Follow our Twitter and stay tuned for updates to catch the registration moment on the Bricken platform.
  • 4
    Complete KYC
    Fulfill the KYC process on the Bricken platform.
  • 5
    Exchange for Equity
    On the opening day, convert your $HAI into equity in Hacken and become a full-fledged shareholder.


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  • Сan DAO buy a part of Hacken’s equity? Is it legally possible right now?
  • Will US citizens be accepted during KYC?
  • How can I get access (with NDA) to some form of usual pitch deck?
  • How the equity switch will work for current HAI holders who have staked their tokens?
  • Is each investor limited to only 1 slot?
  • I have joined the waitlist for equity round, what's next?
  • Which blockchain will be used for tokenization?

Web3 Security Opportunity and traction

Web3 security market is going to grow faster than blockchain with regulations and market maturity

Web 3 security is essential for mass adoption

Hacken Security Report 2023 takeways:

  • $1.9B

    stolen from crypto projects in 2023

  • 90%

    exploited contracts didn’t undergo any form of audit

  • 14%

    increase in the number of attacks in 2023 vs. 2022

Hacken's Solution

The Swiss Cheese Model:Hacken Ensures 95% Protection against Web3 Incidents with a Synchronized Mix of Services and Products!

Learn More about Hacken
Swiss Cheese Model

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