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Since the release of the upgraded CER score at the beginning of 2021, we have actively communicated with crypto exchanges and collected a lot of feedback regarding our security score. The most common request has been related to the Cybersecurity Score (CSS) review. More than 80 exchanges have submitted information regarding their security audits and bug bounty programs. 

And the CER team is proud to announce that from now on, our cybersecurity score will resemble classic ratings. Figures are now converted into capital letters. 

Please note that the calculation methodology applied by has remained unchanged. The same relates to CoinGecko.

How does the new cybersecurity rating look like has applied the following algorithm for the determination of the cybersecurity rating: 

Former cybersecurity scoreNew 
cybersecurity rating

Top 10 exchanges by security as of now

Below you can find the table with a new cybersecurity rating. It contains the security rating of top 10 exchanges as of now.

Summary specialists keep on improving our security ranking to make it a more understandable and convenient instrument for the global crypto community. Soon we will share with you a new extended ranking. Stay tuned!

About is a cybersecurity ranking and certification platform that performs security assessments of digital asset platforms based on 18+ indicators. The platform has already evaluated the security of 290+ leading crypto exchanges. Since 2020, the platform has been a trusted partner of CoinGecko and the data provided by is a part of CoinGecko’s trust score given to exchanges. Twitter

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