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By Hacken

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Since the launch of the upgraded CER website two months ago, we have received more than 100 CER inquiries and expressions of interest in our program from exchanges all over the world. 

The most common request was about Cybersecurity Score (CSS) review. More than 20 exchanges have submitted their penetration tests or bug bounty programs. 

Today, we at CER are proud to announce the latest iteration of our CER website, packed with many new features that are relevant to the DeFi space in the cryptocurrency industry.

What’s new?

  1. CER’s new DeFi page. Relevant security data for the top DeFi projects such as the locked amount of funds, data about the last security audit as well as data about the bug bounty programs of top DeFi projects can be found here.
  2. Main page update. Data about penetration tests, bug bounty, and proof of funds, as well as cybersecurity score is now displayed on the main page. More detailed information on the cybersecurity score and exchange’s liquidity can be found by clicking on the “Solvency” section.

What’s next?

We will display a list of companies providing audit services so that each interested exchange can order services from them and submit a report to us.

Any cybersecurity company that conducts security audits can contact us and be added to the list. By doing this we want to make sure that every user understands the transparency of the platform. 


We want to officially declare to all CER stakeholders that any exchange can increase its CSS score only by sending us proof of penetration testing and bug bounty programs as well as by enhancing the user security and server security

All metrics and methodology can be found here: Exchanges can order the penetration test or launch a bug bounty program on any trusted platform. 

CER and Hacken DOES NOT, and WILL NEVER accept money or tokens to fraudulently raise CSS scores.

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