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Hacken Audits Smart Contract of SELFLLERY

3 minutes

By Hacken

Company: Selfllery
Company description: social platform for visual content monetization.
Service: 2 independent smart contract audits

You all must be a member of at least one crypto community. Have you ever guessed whether people are paid for the distribution of visual content in social media? Well, some with at least a few hundred thousand followers must be. However, our new security partner from Singapore has invented a truly innovative social platform where every crypto enthusiast will be rewarded for their social activity. Two days ago, on 5th of March, SELFLLERY launched the TGE, and Hacken has already tested its smart contract security.


SELFLLERY is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive rewards in cryptocurrency for social activities related to publication and distribution of visual content. The SELFLLERY reward system uses custom ERC20 token YOU, which is built on Ethereum blockchain technology. The purpose of SELFLLERY is to create an ecosystem that does the following:

  • Enables users to monetize their photos, videos and livestreams in a gamified way.
  • Supports charitable organizations and makes donations easy for users.
  • Provides companies with easy-to-use and effective promotion tools that involve user photos.
  • Expands the market of photo and video content for companies and news services, with a convenient search functionality.
  • Integrates modern technologies and capabilities of blockchain into the digital photography market, increasing the transparency and security of its transactions.


Two of our smart contract auditors tested the safety of SELFLLERY’s smart contract to ensure that the intended logic is followed and no additional fees are paid. They concluded that in general, it doesn’t contain critical flaws. However, we made some recommendations on what improvements to make before deploying the social platform to the main-net. SELFLLERY, in turn, thanked Hacken team for the efficiency and professional approach. They promised to take our recommendations into account to ensure the safety of their tokensale.

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Summing Up

Thus, next time when you linger making photos at one or another marvellous event or social affair, recall the guys from Singapore who have already launched a social platform where you can exchange your portfolio in YOU tokens. SELFLLERY provides an extensive toolset for a user’s content monetization. For your greater certainty, Hacken performed a comprehensive and standardized audit of their smart contract, to make it that much safer.
Now everyone will be crypto rewarded for their social activity

About Hacken

At Hacken, we take security extremely seriously, and all the checks are performed according to the highest standards. If you have any questions about the topic or need a consultation, feel free to contact our Team!

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