Cybersecurity Services by Hacken

Hacken provides a wide range of cybersecurity services for businesses operating in the digital world. Our specialists design best-in-class solutions, focusing on the needs of the client

Web Application Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a technical assessment aimed at uncovering as many vulnerabilities as possible in the tested environment. Moreover, a pentest is performed with a particular aim, for instance, checking whether a customer’s data can be stolen or modified

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Mobile Application Testing

Hacken mobile application testing is designed to analyze the security of numerous components in iOS and Android apps: the source code requests to the IPA, access to user data, code implementation, and much more

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DDoS Resistance testing

Enhances your DDoS readiness by simulating attacks in a secure and controlled environment. Our DDoS test simulation specialists generate multi-vector DDoS attacks in an attempt to breach your defense systems

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Social Engineering

Hacken tests the “human factor” of cybersecurity: we evaluate your employee security awareness and technical protection by simulating a phishing attack, checking configurations, and retraining employees if necessary

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Network Penetration Testing

These ethical hacking tests are designed to find weaknesses and allow you to understand your network's level of exposure. Even the tiniest network infrastructure vulnerabilities can cause technical issues in the whole system. We protect from these lower-level vulnerabilities to ensure the smooth functioning of the network

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Ethereum Audit

Hacken engineers are doing all types of security services related to Ethereum platform - Solidity smart contract audits, DApp security reviews and layer 2 / sidechain security assessments. Hacken follows own methodology and known best practices.

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EOS Audit

Hacken provides EOS smart contract audit and DApp review for EOSIO-based projects. These services significantly reduce risks of your EOS application to be hacked.

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Tron Audit

TRON smart contracts are written in a high-level language; however, without a proper smart contract audit, the advantages of the protocol are useless. Hacken conducts TRON smart contract audit to secure your clients, funds, and reputation

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Blockchain Protocol Security

Blockchain protocol security practice consists of 3 different services that cover all security aspects of custom blockchain implementation: protocol model security review, tokenomics review and protocol implementation security analysis.

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Formal Verification

The service supposes the use of math methods and symbolic analysis to prove that a system runs smoothly and correctly. Formal verification consists of validation and verification for better results.

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Secure Application Development

We create secure applications that protect the privacy of your data, ideas, and assets.

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Security Code Review

A code review is the best method for distinguishing any potential security vulnerabilities. The only approach to create a secure application is to implement a secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC)

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Crypto Exchange Ranks performs analysis based on the expert knowledge of our specialists and issues certificates at the following aspects: Solvency, Liquidity, Cyber Security, and Community

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It’s been a great decision for Uklon to participate in an onsite live hacking event — Hacken Cup. For 9 hours, 25 ethical hackers have been testing our website and mobile apps. Throughout the whole day, Uklon’s technical team have been discussing reported vulnerabilities with hackers that were present at the event. We have been genuinely surprised by the amount of work they have managed to do in a single day. I think that Bug Bounty Programs are a great and cost-efficient way to strengthen security for large and mature companies.

Vitaliy Diatlenko , Uklon CTO

HackenProof is such an important and necessary platform for everiToken blockchain. Security is our first priority, so I appreciate the significance of the cooperation with HackenProof.

Harry Wong , everiToken CTO

HackIT 4.0 was one of the best organised cyber security conferences with quality speakers and experts from around the world that shared their insights on multiple levels. It really exemplified the significance of digital security and what we are facing in the world today.

Renqi Shen , Member of Fenbushi investment team, Director of BlockAsset