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Synapse Network is entering into a partnership with Hacken

By Hacken

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It’s a great pleasure for the Hacken team to introduce our new partner – the project Synapse Network, the first truly cross-chain investment ecosystem. The key activities of Synapse Network are focused on advancing the project in such directions as the development of a cross-chain crowdfunding platform, cross-chain DEX, and creation of a simple and secure DeFi platform to allow users to participate in fundraising events. Also, Synapse Network is engaged in the development of the network of trusted and reliable VC funds, private investors, angels, as well as blockchain partners, that will promote the development of innovative projects launched within the Synapse Network ecosystem. 

The project Synapse Network is on the way towards reaching the goals provided in its roadmap. The core element of the project’s future success will be its focus on ensuring a high level of security for startups functioning within its ecosystem. Under this partnership, Hacken will conduct security audits for some of the projects incubated by Synapse Network and will act as a technological partner providing valuable advice to the Synapse Network team. 

The Hacken team sees big opportunities in this new partnership. It will allow us to reach new clients while gaining competitive advantages over our main market competitors. A growing number of ecosystem projects choose Hacken as a security auditor for their startups and clients and this trend has a sustainable nature. We are proud to appear in the Synapse Network list of partners along with such brands as Chainlink, MoonWhale, BlockVentures, CryptoWeekly, and other reputable names. 

The team behind Synapse Network are strong professionals who share the main values of the Hacken team such as putting the security of users in the first place. We are looking forward to working with this great team and the projects they incubate. 

About Synapse Network 

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment ecosystem including a launchpad plus an investment and startup acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology combining multiple high-value tools to create an entire Investment Syndicate ecosystem.

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