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S-PRO is establishing a security partnership with Hacken

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By Hacken

Hacken team is pleased to introduce our new partner – S-PRO, a trusted IT service provider, which works as an R&D centre by combining deep technology expertise across web, mobile, data, and cloud solutions together with specific domain knowledge. One of the main areas of S-PRO’s work is cooperation with fintech companies and helping them in the implementation of blockchain solutions. Namely, S-PRO provides advice to its clients on how to integrate crypto trading technologies in their processes and facilitate cryptocurrency payments and investments. 

S-PRO also cooperates with projects representing such industries as healthcare, logistics,  hospitality, renewable energy, HI-tech, and manufacturing. 

This partnership is a great opportunity for Hacken to strengthen our reputation in the industry and communicate our values to a large number of innovative projects and startups that cooperate with S-PRO. Also, by partnering with S-PRO, Hacken can expand its presence in a number of rapidly growing fields apart from crypto.

The S-PRO team strives to improve the security of its clients by allowing them to establish connections with the trusted cybersecurity brand. Thereby, S-PRO will be able to strengthen its image among its clients. Thus, this partnership will be very beneficial for all parties involved.

As you can see, Hacken is rapidly expanding the list of partners and customer base in Autumn. But we have a lot of work to do ahead. Thank you for being with us. 

About S-PRO

S-PRO is a global IT partner that develops software solutions for technology companies. The company consults on how to use modern technologies in the FinTech, healthcare, renewable energy, logistics, manufacturing, and eLearning industries.

For more information about S-PRO please refer to their




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