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  • New partnership: Hacken will secure incubation and launch of DeFi and Metaverse projects of VENT

New partnership: Hacken will secure incubation and launch of DeFi and Metaverse projects of VENT

By Hacken

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The community crowdfunding ecosystem VENT is partnering with Hacken to ensure the security of its members and expand its reach by meeting the highest security standards.

VENT is the Web 3.0 accelerator and launchpad for prominent crypto projects. The purpose of VENT is to create a strong bridge between community members willing to join the sale and project creators striving to ensure a successful launch. VENT provides expert support to projects such as review of token strategy and marketing assistance. The VENT team focuses on supporting projects that deliver long-term value to the industry. 

One of the key factors behind the decision of the VENT team to partner with Hacken is our strong reputation in the industry. The incident rate among the projects audited by Hacken is one of the lowest in the industry. Also, Hacken’s list of clients includes more than 100 out of the top 500 crypto projects by market capitalization.

VENT provides funding only to those projects that reach specified milestone achievements. and refunds members’ purchases if the project does not meet the standards post-launch. The ecosystem will use the expertise and knowledge provided by Hacken to bring its incubated projects to a radically new level of security. 

The value of this partnership for Hacken

For Hacken, this partnership opens the door to >100K VENT’s active members and >35K registered users in 12 countries. The projects incubated by VENT represent DeFi, Metaverse, and Gaming industries that are the primary markets for our cybersecurity services, especially smart contract audit. 

We strongly believe that this partnership will promote the growth of both Hacken’s and VENT’s ecosystems. 

About Vent

VENT is a community crowdfunding ecosystem that makes it easy to join compliant token sales of credible blockchain projects. We are laying the foundation for tomorrow’s economy. VENT already offers faster access to community sales through simplified authentication and an intuitive launchpad platform.

For more information about VENT, please refer to:

Vent Website | Vent Twitter | Vent Telegram | Vent Discord

For recent Hacken updates and news, please refer to:

Hacken Club Twitter | Hacken Club Discord

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