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Neverdie Public Bug Bounty on HackenProof

2 minutes

By Hacken

Neverdie ecosystem provides developers with a formula to create interoperable monetized assets that are balanced to be utilized across multiple games.  

Apart from their ambitious plans, Neverdie is very serious about security, launching not one, but THREE public bug bounty programs on the HackenProof platform:

In 2018 NEVERDIE launched Dragon King the first blockchain strategy game to utilize NDC and TPT and the NEVERDIE crypto gaming wallet and API to support developers to integrate NDC and TPT into the next generation of online games. The Neverdie Coin & Teleport Token systems provide infrastructure for an inclusive blockchain ecosystem to drive a trillion dollar virtual goods economy & gamified jobs.

Public bug bounty programs will help NEVERDIE ensure security and stability of the gaming experience and strengthen relationships with the gaming community. Neverdie will award hackers up to $3,000 for critical security vulnerabilities.

We would like to invite all researchers, that have experience in testing web applications and smart contracts to take part in the program.

About Neverdie:

NEVERDIE is a driving force in Virtual Pop Culture and the economics of the Virtual goods market, Setting and breaking numerous Guinness World Records since 2004 for the Most Valuable Virtual items. NEVERDIEs Virtual World partnerships include Michael Jackson and Universal Studios and leading Virtual Worlds and MMOs including Entropia Universe and Shroud of the Avatar. NEVERDIE launched the NEVERDIE Coin (NDC) and the Teleport token (TPT) in 2017 to unite virtual worlds and online games on the blockchain with interoperable virtual goods. For more information, please visit Neverdie.io.

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