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Major Product Release: Extractor Integrates Forta Attack Detector

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With the alarming figure of $1.9 billion stolen from crypto projects in 2023, and a 14% increase in attack numbers over the previous year, the urgency for better security solutions has never been more critical. This surge underscores the essential need for comprehensive security measures throughout the entire lifecycle of smart contracts. While pre-deployment actions like smart contract audits have shown immense effectiveness (with 90% of incidents occurring in contracts without audits), the landscape of post-deployment security tells a different story, significantly lagging behind in both awareness and implementation.

Enter Hacken Extractor, our post-deployment security solution, now unveiling its latest major release with a spotlight on the integration of Forta’s unparalleled Attack Detector capabilities to enhance its own Security Monitoring solution. This partnership marks a synergy moment between Web3 Threat Intelligence and Real-time security providers.

New Features: Spotlight on Enhanced Detection Capabilities with Forta

The integration of Extractor with Forta brings top-notch, real-time detection of security threats without any additional setup needed by users. Forta’s Attack Detector uses smart tech, like heuristics and advanced ML models, to spot dangers early—often before any money is lost. It keeps an eye on the whole process of an attack, from start to finish, including the early stages, where it can alert users about suspicious activity.

This system works non-stop, all year round, thanks to its deployment on the decentralized Forta Network. It makes sure teams get alerts fast and can act quickly, thanks to its high precision in spotting real threats. For example, it could have saved Euler Finance from a $197 million loss by catching the attack signs just minutes before they happened.

In 2023, Forta’s Attack Detector detected 75% of major on-chain hacks, with 42% detected before exploitation – showcasing the power of predictive monitoring.

In simple terms, Forta’s Attack Detector makes the Extractor platform even stronger, giving users peace of mind that their smart contracts are being watched over carefully against web3 hacks and vulnerabilities exploits.

How Does It Strengthen Extractor?

  • Most Comprehensive Threat Detection capabilities available on the market. From now on, Extractor’s own Security Monitoring works in parallel with Forta Attack Detector providing multi-layer real-time on-chain monitoring of your Smart Сontracts. 
  • No additional setup or configuration is needed. Just add your Smart Contracts addresses to the Extractor platform and get relevant Alerts.  

As a result of recent release, Extractor now provides: 

  • Immediate Enhanced Attack Detection: Real-time alerts for potential attacks, by its own threat detection system and Forta’s Attack Detector, giving users a crucial lead time for response and best-in-class detection ratio. It is very important to be confident that the attack is indeed valid before taking any actions, and Extractor gives you that confidence. 
  • Smart Contracts Advanced Monitoring: Customizable triggers ensure comprehensive surveillance of your smart contracts.
  • Team Collaboration: New authentication methods and team accounts make it easy to organize team members’ collaborative work with different roles.

 Coming very soon:

  • Updated Protection Mechanisms: Proactive security mechanisms to safeguard assets on your smart contracts.

The best thing is that you can try it all with no commitment – a free 30-day trial is available

Extractor’s Roadmap

Over the past year, Extractor has grown its user base by 50% and achieved a 79% coverage across Web3 hack types. Looking ahead, our team is committed to continuous innovation and expansion across these key areas:

  1. Enhanced Prevention Mechanisms: Leveraging Forta’s insights to build more robust defense strategies.
  2. Broader Blockchain Coverage: Expanding support to include more blockchains, further widening our protective net.
  3. Client-Driven Security Solutions: Engaging with our users to co-create solutions that meet the evolving needs of the Web3 space.

Try Extractor Yourself

At Hacken, we want to create the most secure, user-friendly, and advanced platform for real-time Web3 security. Extractor today offers best-in-class detection, and next-level protection is coming soon. It’s a one-stop solution for small and mid-sized businesses that doesn’t require any integrations and additional resources. 
Experience the power and convenience of Extractor firsthand with our free 30-day trial.

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  • New Features: Spotlight on Enhanced Detection Capabilities with Forta
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