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DeFi security has been one of the most discussed topics among industry leaders and enthusiasts for the last few months. It has been a central topic during major industry events such as Solana Breakpoint 2021, WOW Summit, Future Blockchain Summit, etc. DeFi projects are vulnerable to security threats. Even the most advanced solutions can face collapse once hacked. That is why DeFi projects are interested in cooperating with reputable security vendors. Security audits and insurance are the two effective instruments for projects to mitigate the scope of security risks they face in the industry. One of the leading decentralized insurance protocols is 

As you know, simultaneously with Solana Breakpoint 2021, Hacken together with organized a special DeFi Retreat for all enthusiasts during which they could enjoy networking, find new colleagues, participate in discussions, and, generally, relax. And we are proud to mention that has decided to work closer with Hacken in the form of partnership. will recommend its clients to apply for security testing by Hacken. considers Hacken as a trusted and highly-professional security vendor. 

Top-quality security audits and diversified insurance options are the two effective strategies for DeFi projects to address major threats to their successful and sustainable progress. Thus, Hacken & is the partnership that will make DeFi world a safer space for users and investors. Both Hacken and will extract significant financial and reputational benefits from this partnership. 


InsurAce is the leading decentralized insurance protocol, providing reliable, robust, and secure DeFi insurance services to DeFi users. InsurAce not only guarantees unbeatable portfolio premiums but also offers sustainable investment returns. We have a unique insurance product, tailored just for your project. From insuring your smart contract against hacks to allowing users to secure their investments against risks. Our community is one of the best in the DeFi space and is a key element to our success. We continue to innovate and improve for them. covers 90+ protocols on 12 different ecosystems. The list of includes such famous brands as Avalanche, Solana Foundation, Polygon, CoinGecko, Alpha Finance Lab, to name a few. 

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