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Icetea Labs is partnering with Hacken

By Hacken

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Decentralization is the driver of the rapid growth of the global crypto industry. The increasing number of innovative projects with decentralized solutions enter the industry every day. One of the companies that have incubated dozens of game-changing projects is Icetea Labs. And it’s a great pleasure for us that this brand has decided to enter into a partnership with Hacken. 

The main directions of business of Icetea Labs, apart from project incubation, are advisory assistance and developer hub. Icetea Labs prioritizes safety and code quality in any application. In this context, partnership with Hacken will allow Icetea Labs to recommend a reputable security auditor to the incubated projects. In the modern decentralized technologies market, finding a top-class security auditor is one of the main difficulties faced by innovative projects. And Icetea Labs allows its projects to address this difficulty by partnering with Hacken. 

Icetea Labs has recognized the strong expertise and experience of the Hacken team and considers our company as a perfect strategic partner. Icetea Labs also actively works with the projects from the NFT world, the market segment in which Hacken is actively increasing its market share as a security auditor. So, this partnership will allow our company to further strengthen our competitiveness in one of the most dynamic spheres of the global decentralized crypto world. 

Every new partnership is a great responsibility for Hacken but we always deliver on the promises given to our partners and clients and this is the main reason behind our rapid expansion. Looking forward to introducing new partners.

About Icetea Labs

Icetea Labs is a laboratory incubating and nurturing blockchain-enabled projects. Our mission is to support visionary founders and energetic teams to create a long-lasting positive impact through decentralization technologies. We not only finance potential projects but also advise, assist and connect projects with our extensive network of strategic partners.

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