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HackIT 4.0 announcement

By Hacken

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Today we would like to share a new event that our company Hacken is hosting this autumn – HackIT 4.0

HackIT 4.0 is a four-day event that is going to take place this October in Kyiv, Ukraine. During the event, hundreds of cybersecurity experts, crypto-investors, media influencers and tech enthusiasts will gather in Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center where 32 speakers will talk about cybersecurity in blockchain and blockchain-based products.

Here’s just a short list of the speakers that will be speaking at HackIT this year:

Our mission is to bring together blockchain developers, cybersecurity specialists, investors and media influencers to talk about the everchanging Blockchain industry and how can we ensure the safety of the products that are being developed alongside with it.

Content on HackIT will be broken down into two main categories “cyber attacks” and “cyber defense”.

The event itself is going to include an online Capture The Flag competition, roundtables, discussion panels, training sessions and an onsite bug bounty marathon Hacken Cup which we have told you about in one of our previous posts.

The event will also include a tour to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

It is a perfect opportunity for you to glimpse into the emerging technology of blockchain and understand why cybersecurity is essential to the further development of blockchain-based products. You will also have an opportunity to meet members of the white-hat hacker community and exchange your knowledge and experiences as well as make new friends.

Last but not least – the whole Hacken team will be present at the event so it will be a perfect opportunity for you to meet all of us in one place.

P.S. To get a better feel for what to expect at the conference, check out our video from last year HackIT 2017.

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