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  • Hacken is partnering with Avitar to increase users’ trust in DeFi projects

Hacken is partnering with Avitar to increase users’ trust in DeFi projects

By Hacken

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The modern world of crypto is full of new projects promising their investors huge earnings and, generally, piles of gold. However, a large share of these projects do not pay enough attention to security factors and their activities are often noncompliant with the legal principles. 

On the contrary, reputable business players prioritize developing secure and legally compliant solutions for their communities. To this end, they contact qualified legal advisors. Hacken cooperates with a large number of promising DeFi initiatives ensuring that their solutions are free of high-severity vulnerabilities and that best security practices are in place to protect their users and investors. 

And how can DeFi projects ensure the legal compliance of their solution? The most appropriate choice is to cooperate with professional law companies.

Today Hacken would like to introduce our new partner – the law firm AVITAR. We can say for sure that AVITAR is a trusted legal advisor for DeFi projects. By working with AVITAR DeFi projects can increase investors’ trust in their solutions, improve user experience, and eliminate any legal risks. 

One of the key activities of AVITAR is helping technology businesses such as DeFi projects to become compliant with the laws applicable in their respective fields of business (for example, GDPR and CCPA), thereby promoting their successful entry into the UK, EU, and US markets. The list of AVITAR’s clients includes more than 100 brands. 

The team behind AVITAR has deep expertise in working with blockchain projects. And this partnership will create positive outcomes for Hacken since AVITAR will recommend Hacken as a security auditor for its DeFi clients. So, Hacken & AVITAR is a great example of a mutually beneficial partnership in the DeFi space. 


AVITAR is a law firm specializing in supporting emerging IT companies that are entering the British, EU and US markets and such platforms as the App Store, Google Play and Google Ads. We create a solid legal background for the operation and development of online businesses. We do Data Protection (GDPR/CCPA) Compliance; E-commerce Compliance; Corporate Structuring and IP management; and Accessibility Compliance. By cooperating with AVITAR, technology projects can safely integrate the tools needed for operating digital businesses, become compliant with local and international regulations, and enhance internal business processes by ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

For more information about AVITAR, please refer to these channels:

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