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Hacken is Expanding its Presence in South East Asia through a Partnership with SotaTek

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Hacken’s expertise in cybersecurity is in high demand among software developers, especially in fast-growing markets like South East Asia. To better serve the needs of this market, we are partnering with SotaTek, the global IT company delivering sustainable software development, including Web/App, blockchain, AI & Machine learning, and ERP with cost-effective solutions.

With 1,000+ talented IT consultants and developers, SotaTek specializes in full-cycle IT services for many industries including Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Media & Entertainment, etc. In 2020, SotaTek became a trusted partner of Vietnam’s government in major IT projects & blockchain solutions. 

Hacken will provide SotaTek with valuable knowledge to increase awareness about cybersecurity and promote the concept that security is a must. Based on that, this region’s fast-growing technology industry will be better prepared to deal with the growing scope of security threats, both existing and novel ones. 

For Hacken, this partnership is the bridge between our cybersecurity ecosystem and Sotatek’s client network. Hacken will contribute to securing SotaTek’s incubated projects. As a result, Hacken will become a trusted auditing partner for the technological projects operating in South East Asia. 

Since SotaTek is a leading venture production studio in Asia, the demand for cybersecurity services provided by Hacken will move up which may lead to higher demand for ETD and, thus, create favorable conditions for HAI token growth. 

About SotaTek 

SotaTek is a venture production studio building metaverse, web3 applications for end-users and providing digital transformation solutions for enterprises. SotaTek is an internationally based company with 8 offices in Vietnam, the US, Australia & Japan employing 1000+ in-house team.

For more information about SotaTek, refer to these channels:

SotaTek Website | SotaTek Twitter | SotaTek Facebook | SotaTek Medium

For recent Hacken updates and news, please refer to:

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