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Hacken’s Ongoing Commitment as Voucher Provider for Polygon Village 2.0

By Hacken

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Hacken enhances its commitment as a solution provider for the Polygon ecosystem, offering vouchers that serve as significant discounts for security and smart contract audits.

As Polygon Labs launches a major upgrade to its Village program, we’re excited to continue our participation as a Voucher Provider for Polygon Village 2.0. Hacken is ready to support and secure the growing ecosystem of innovative projects.

Introducing Polygon Village Program

Polygon Village is a full-stack ecosystem designed for developers to build and scale their projects. Initiated by Polygon Labs, the program’s objective is to support the development and evolution of projects within the Polygon ecosystem. The community extends its support through grants and vouchers to a diverse range of projects, whether they focus on DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, zero-knowledge proofs, or other blockchain technology implementations.

Recently, Polygon Labs launched the next generation of the Village program providing founders with more than 110 Million in MATIC grants, personalized mentoring, ecosystem support, and access to a network of solution providers.

This initiative is facilitated through a voucher system which absorbs the costs associated with these services. As such, the vouchers significantly ease the financial burden for projects, enabling them to swiftly develop and scale their solutions.

Applications for the Polygon Village Program are open on a rolling basis, and Hacken is proud to serve as a Voucher Provider in the vital category of Web3 security and smart contract audits.

Learn more about Polygon Village 2.0

Hacken’s Contribution to Polygon Village Projects

As per our participation in the Polygon Village, Hacken offers an exclusive advantage to founders: monthly vouchers redeemable for discounts on our premier security services:

We also offer additional community benefits, including an announcement on X (ex-Twitter), opportunity to host AMA sessions, and a security recommendations guide.

By participating in the Polygon Village Program, Hacken is positioned to provide our smart contract auditing and other security services to the most promising projects building in the Polygon ecosystem. Our track record in auditing various projects built in the Polygon ecosystem has consistently improved their security. Given the ongoing nature of this program, we expect more projects to keep coming to us for security support.

For Hacken, this participation is a testament to our commitment to secure the growth of the Polygon ecosystem and our leadership in the Web3 security space.

Redeeming Your Cybersecurity Voucher

If you’re a part of the Village, you can apply for the Voucher via this form:

Alternatively, you can redeem your voucher by sending a DM to our Partnerships Lead, Vlady Che (@vlady_hacken), on Telegram.

To redeem your cybersecurity voucher, please provide details regarding your project’s requirements, the specific services you are interested in, and your expected timelines. Include your project’s website or Twitter handle for reference. We will contact you the same day.

Hacken is honored to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity of the Polygon network and we look forward to a productive cooperation with the many innovative projects within the Polygon Village.

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