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Hacken has Performed a Web Penetration Testing for Narkasa

By Hacken

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The world is still vulnerable to cybercrimes performed by hackers. They cause serious damage to crypto projects by attacking their founders, community members, and platforms to steal their money. 

In the light of these events, Narkasa has entrusted Hacken, the most experienced cybersecurity consulting company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, to conduct a penetration test to confirm the status of a trusted exchange. The web application and API testing procedures have been used to identify vulnerabilities to strengthen data and system security. 

The Details of the Penetration Testing for Narkasa

The Hacken web application penetration testing methodology for website application security assessments follows the logical flow. The first step is related to the collection of information. The second step is the identification of weak points. The security check ends up with the provision of the list of identified vulnerabilities in the report. 

Based on the results, Hacken has generated a report with all identified vulnerabilities as well as recommendations on how to address them. Narkasa Exchange has promptly addressed all revealed shortcomings since, like Hacken, it prioritizes compliance with the security standards.

About Narkasa

Launched in June 2020, Narkasa cryptocurrency exchange ensures a fast and secure trading in cryptocurrency. A user-friendly platform serves both professional and new users and follows the global standards. Narkasa provides services through websites, IOS, and Android applications and offers 12 language options for users from all over the world. 

The application of the latest technologies enables Narkasa to ensure the highest level of security by conducting periodic security audits. The platform uses API-supported algorithmic trading. 

Additionally, Narkasa offers its users to get extra profit from cryptocurrency trades via the reference system. The 20% of the commission fee on buy/sell transactions performed by a new user with the application of a reference code will be defined as the reference earning of the platform user whose code has been applied by a new user and this earning will be transferred to the platform user’s wallet. Besides, when a new user applies the reference code, the 20% of the commission fee on buy/sell transactions performed by him will be transferred to his wallet as a cash refund.

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