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Hacken & GotBit – Now We are Partners!

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By Hacken

Awesome news for our community! Hacken has entered into a partnership with GotBit, the company that is providing consulting services to blockchain startups worldwide. GotBit also acts as smartMoney Venture Capital fund focused on early stage investment in Blockchain Startups. GotBit has already cooperated with more than 350 projects.Thanks to the cooperation with GotBit, 90% of these tokens and coins have reached ATH and $100K+ cash out. 

Partnership with GotBit is a great chance for Hacken to reach new customers representing different directions of the blockchain industry. At the same time, for GotBit, partnership with Hacken is a great competitive advantage since now the company’s clients can get security consulting services provided by a reliable vendor trusted by leading players. 

As you can see, the growing number of companies select Hacken as a security partner. The reputation of these players heavily depends on our ability to effectively meet the security needs of their clients. And Hacken always delivers on the promises given to our partners. It’s our core philosophy. 

It’s important to mention that partnership with GotBit will be also highly beneficial for the Hacken Foundation projects. The company has a deep expertise in promoting the development of blockchain startups and, thus, Hacken Foundation projects can get unique insights and advice that may allow them to reach new heights in the industry and mitigate the scope of business threats they face. It’s a real case of mutually beneficial partnership. 

The strong market expansion demonstrated by Hacken in 2021 is the result of hard work of our core team and your loyalty, our amazing community. Hacken has become one of the most recognized security brands in the blockchain world. And we are focused on strengthening our status. It’s just the beginning! Our potential is even much greater! 

New partnerships are coming! Stay tuned!

About GotBit

GotBit is a unique international project that has been founded by high-class mathematicians and developers in 2017. GotBit implements strategies for the business development of blockchain projects. We have been working with 350+ tokens and coins and 90% of them reached ATH and 100k$+ cash out with GotBit. GotBit builds value! Its strategies and solutions are opportune, liquid and crazy sometimes. Gotbit manages markets and provides perfect PR & Marketing. Daily! Generally, since 2017,  64 Gotbit clients have crossed the $ 1 million mark of profits in the market.

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