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Hacken Forges Global Partnership with STORM Partners

By Hacken

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The Hacken team is proud to announce a new partnership with STORM Partners, Europe’s leading blockchain solution provider—based out of Montreux, Switzerland.

This cooperation provides Hacken with the opportunity to gain vast exposure to the disruptive companies that STORM Partners serves in the blockchain and DeFi space—and to those entities that require expertise in cybersecurity services.

The decision of STORM Partners executives to enter into cooperation with Hacken will allow our specialists to be directly connected to companies that require cybersecurity services globally.

This partnership will also be highly beneficial for STORM Partners. Systems and products which are secured by Hacken will constitute a new competitive advantage for STORM Partners’ clients that will significantly increase their attractiveness in the eyes of potential investors, regulators, and, most importantly, the end-users.

Hacken’s security engineers have deep expertise in testing the security of complex and technical projects. They are industry leaders, ready to assist companies’ technical teams with the implementation of security fixes and conduct of complex cyber-security audits and system penetration testing.

STORM Partners works with the leading industry specialists and experts who enjoy a strong reputation among blockchain and crypto professionals. That is why both companies are sure that this new partnership will have a positive impact on the Hacken brand and reputation in the industry worldwide.

The Managing Partner of STORM Partners, Sheraz Ahmed comments: “Cybersecurity is fundamental to ensuring the long-term success of any technology-based initiative. Our partnership with Hacken aims to further provide the best in class solutions to our trusted clients.”

Cooperation with large ecosystems within the blockchain world opens great opportunities for Hacken. Whilst at the same time requires us to demonstrate the highest level of responsibility and service. Hacken specialists are ready to deliver on the promises given to STORM Partners!

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