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Hacken becomes KlayMakers22 Community Partner at KlayMakers22

By Hacken

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We are thrilled to announce that Hacken has become an official KlayMakers22 Community Partner.

As a leading cybersecurity firm, Hacken is interested in bringing the most talented developers to Web3. Therefore, we are helping Klaytn leverage the creativity and diversity of Web3 developers and onboard more Web2 developers in the Web3 world. Events like Klaymakers22, Klaytn’s flagship global hackathon are vital for enhancing core protocols and building secure Dapps with versatile use cases.

KlayMakers22 is a global virtual hackathon for Web3, Metaverse, and DAO organized by the Klaytn ecosystem. Developers will compete in five unique tracks and ten sponsors’ challenges for a chance to win over $1 million in total prizes plus grant opportunities and accelerator programs. KlayMakers22 is taking place from 29 Aug to 30 Sep 2022.

Don’t miss the chance to get the most out of developer workshops. Pre-register for the hackathon to access all developer workshops where you’ll learn about building on Klaytn and interact with the Klaytn team and KlayMakers22’s challenge sponsors.

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