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Global Crypto Development is partnering with Hacken

By Hacken

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The scope of security threats and cyberattacks has reached unprecedented levels in 2021 and is likely to demonstrate further expansion. In the crypto & blockchain sector, cyberattacks targeting projects can result in serious data breaches and loss of assets by their users. In this new reality, one of the most effective ways for industry players to secure their communities from cyber threats is through partnerships. 

The Hacken team is proud to introduce our new partner – Global Crypto Development, the company that is assisting mature businesses and new projects in integrating crypto, blockchain technologies, and digital assets in their activities. The list of services provided by Global Crypto Development to its clients includes marketing support and business development guidance. 

This partnership is aimed at bringing proper cybersecurity practices to the cryptocurrency & blockchain space to ensure the security of users and investors and their funds. From now on, Global Crypto Development will recommend Hacken as a reputable security auditor to its clients. Hacken is one of the most recognized brands in the field of blockchain security and, thus, Global Crypto Development’s clients will be able to gain additional competitive advantages by applying for security services provided by Hacken. 

Looking forward to introducing our new partners in future announcements. Stay tuned

About Global Crypto Development

Global Crypto Development was formed for a single reason, to propel the adaptation of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency & Web3 as this new paradigm unfolds. GCD has more than 20 years of fintech & digital asset experience & with a network of over 10000, they connect people. 

For more information about Global Crypto Development, please refer to their



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