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Flovtec partners with Hacken to secure its leading market-making solution

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By Hacken

We are excited to announce our new partner flovtec, a leading crypto market-maker and liquidity provider.

Flovtec x Hacken Partnership: A perfect synergy of core values

Hacken and Flovtec serve similar clients who can benefit from our shared interest in delivering essential Web3 services of the highest quality. Our integrity and professionalism help to build and establish a healthy and flourishing crypto ecosystem.

Specific benefits of the partnership for our communities

Market making is a prerequisite for liquid and well-functioning exchanges. Most successful projects with a listed token rely on it. In general, market-making has four main functions: (1) ensure a tight spread between buy and sell prices, (2) create 24/7 uptime, (3) provide order book depth, and (4) maintain aggregate quoting volume. As a leading crypto market-maker, flovtec is eager to achieve these objectives, but the underlying infrastructure and systems may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hacken security experts have a proven record in finding and eliminating weaknesses that put the company’s goals at risk.

Preventing wash trading

In addition to hacks and exploits, market-making services can be abused for wash trading. flovtec is committed to preventing wash trading, and Hacken shares this vision. In fact, with our extensive and widely-recognized investigations into fake trade volumes, Hacken is the most suitable cybersecurity vendor for dealing with the problem. 

About flovtec

The Swiss-based technology company enables liquidity for token issuers and digital asset exchanges. flovtec market-making solutions cover 100+ exchanges. The firm is working with new launches and top projects with hundreds of millions in daily volume. In addition to providing liquidity, Flovtec offers treasure management, hedging, and quantitative investment products.

For more information about flovtec, please visit:

flovtec Website | flovtec Twitter | flovtec Linkedin

For recent Hacken updates and news, please refer to:

Hacken Club Twitter | Hacken Club Discord

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