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CoinGecko launches a Bug Bounty program on HackenProof

By Hacken

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We are proud to announce that our strategic partner CoinGecko has launched a public Bug Bounty program on the HackenProof platform in an effort to increase the transparency and cybersecurity of its products and services. 

“CoinGecko is excited about working with Hacken for our bug bounty program. We are well aware of the dangers that vulnerabilities may present to our users and this is one way where we take proactive steps together with Hacken to ensure and improve the safety, security, and integrity of our platform,” shared Bobby Ong, Co-founder of CoinGecko.

Recently, Hacken and CoinGecko announced a strategic partnership to increase user awareness of the need for cryptocurrency exchanges to improve their cybersecurity practices. These exchanges have substantial monetary holdings therefore their ability to maintain a secure operating environment is a very important evaluation criterion. With our deep expertise in cybersecurity, the data provided by – Hacken’s cryptocurrency exchange ranking and certification platform – was integrated into CoinGecko’s Trust Score.

“It took more than 2 years of tough work on our product to get to where we are today. We invested all our expertise and knowledge into this to make the entire crypto industry better secured. Now we are proud to partner with the largest independent crypto aggregator in the world and certifying them with a CER cybersecurity ranking. Security for you and the end-users is always the highest priority and passion of every member of the Hacken team,” said Dyma Budorin, CEO of Hacken.

CoinGecko has been the trusted source of information for millions of cryptocurrency investors since 2014. Its mission is to empower the cryptocurrency community with a 360-degree overview of the market.

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