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CODEX Launches Bug Bounty Program on HackenProof

By Hacken

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CODEX, a licensed cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange based in Estonia, partners with HackenProof bug bounty platform. As a part of our broad and ongoing partnership, CODEX decided to start a public bug bounty program on HackenProof. Previously, CODEX went through web penetration testing by Hacken and appeared to get the highest web platform security rankings.

Preventive Security Measures at CODEX

Breaches of crypto exchanges are a common thing in the industry – in most cases, these breaches result in either illegal funds retrieving or intended dump of coins through the API vulnerabilities. Though, even if none of the above happens, crypto exchange hacks almost always result in user sensitive information breach. So, in most cases, this damages the reputation of the exchange. The 2018 statistics state that less than 20% of crypto exchanges recover and remains operational after the reported hack.

CODEX decided to take the cybersecurity issue seriously from the beginning. Hacken and HackenProof do value the decision of the exchange in choosing the security partner.

CODEX Exchange CEO: “Considering the fact that Blockchain technology is very sensitive to any human errors made in code, it’s always better to add an extra layer of safety.

Moreover, we all have seen how many different cryptocurrency services fall apart due to unknown vulnerabilities that were left unnoticed during the development process.

It’s essential to create a secure trading environment, and we work hard to achieve it. Thereby, we’d like to avoid negative scenarios by additionally implementing the Bug Bounty program.

Calling for Researchers

We call for all HackenProof ethical hackers and those, who still didn’t join us. Follow the CODEX Exchange Program page to commit to the safety of their product and claim the bounties for your own excellence.


СODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets, built on vanguard security infrastructure and revolutionary reward system. CODEX offers one of the lowest fees on the market and trade mining program.

About HackenProof

HackenProof connects its customers with the global hacker community to uncover security issues in their products. By running custom-tailored bug bounty programs, HackenProof helps their customers significantly reduce the risk of losing their data to cybercriminals. HackenProof is a part of Hacken Ecosystem, with products fueling cybersecurity industry from all sides: bug bounty platform, crypto exchange analytical ranking platform, cybersecurity conference HackIT, and a Cyber School.

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