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Blockchainhackers VI: post-meetup reflection

By Hacken

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We can proudly say that #blockchainhackers VI was the event that could be firmly included in the list of top industry meetups of 2021. This great success was made possible thanks to the active involvement of our reliable partners – Swarm and Beco Capital. We are proud to work with such partners.

We could not even imagine that the event would boost such a strong interest among industry enthusiasts. Our previous #blockchainhackers V meetup was the first step towards building a strong tech community in Dubai but the success of the recent event confirms that we can proudly say “Hacken has built its strong community in Dubai”. This progress is also attributable to our partners. Together we can organize the events that can shake the ground. 

We invited 4 famous industry leaders as speakers to share their industry insights and expertise with our dear guests. 

Joel Dietz (Founder of ArtWallet) – 12 step plan for making Dubai a Global Crypto Hub

Kristof de Spiegeleer (Founder of Threefold) – Secure protocol design for a decentralized world

Quentin Gaumer (CISO Rain) – Securing a crypto exchange platform

Dr Marwan Al Zarouni (Director of Information Services DESC) – Securing a smart city: identity and authentication

The speakers shared the most recent information that boosted the interest of visitors and made them look at the topics discussed from the other perspective. We also want to thank Joel Dietz for his active role in organizing this event. We highly appreciate his willingness to bring value to our community. 

Hacken team strongly believes that our regular meetups will become a nice and very useful routine in the future for crypto enthusiasts for whom the word “security” matters. 

We would like to once again thank everybody who attended our event. We will take into account all your recommendations to make our events even more interactive for you! Your voice is very important for us!

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